5 must try Hawaiian Dishes in Maui

August 9, 2021 2

All that surfing and exploring will make you hungry! And this is why we are here, to satisfy your cravings and fuel you for the next adventure! You can’t leave Hawaii without trying some of the local specialities. Culinary discovery is a huge part of the fun with traveling. Don’t miss out on what our island has to offer, and learn about the 5 must try Hawaiian Dishes in Maui!


If you are a fish lover, you have probably tried poke before. It most likely wasn’t as delicious as the ones made here! Poke means “To Slice” in Hawaiian. It is a delicious salad of sliced raw fish or seafood. You can find all kinds of different Pokes, made of Tuna, Salmon, Octopus or other seafood. They are combined with other ingredients like avocado, onion, chili peppers, soy sauce, sesame oil, lime etc.

You can find Poke in pretty much every market on the Island.  Served with rice, it makes a perfect snack or light meal for a very affordable price. If you are a fish connoisseur, we recommend trying your poke at the Paia Fish Market located in Lahaina, right next to us!

2. Loco Moko

A pretty basic, but classic Hawaiian dish. On a mountain of white rice you will find a Hamburger Patty covered by a fried egg and brown gravy. That’s it! Simple but efficient, workers and big eaters favorite, this plate is cheap and will fill you up for the day.

3. Shaved Ice

In a very different category, is the shave ice! You have most likely heard of this or tried it before. You can find shave ice in many other places of the world. There is no better place then a warm tropical Island like Maui to fully appreciate this refreshing treat!

During the hot afternoons in Maui you will see long lines of people waiting to grab their shave ice. If you are not very patient, we recommend driving to Maui Mike’s Beach House. This is an old school surf shop, that offers delicious Shaved Ice in the back of their shop! Go check them out, you can’t miss it! Everything is painted yellow green and red- the food truck, Vintage Car as well as the entire building!

4. Musubi

Yes, you better like rice if you want to eat local food! A Musubi basically looks like a big Sushi! The most famous kind is the Spam musubi. A ball of rice covered by fried Spam and rolled in seaweed. Spam is a big Hawaiian favorite, it is a canned lunch meat product, easy to store and conserve.

Local people love their Spam Musubi. Filling and easy to pack and carry, you can find Spam Musubi in pretty much any market of the Island.

Personally, our favorite is the chicken Musubi! A slice of fried chicken covered in teriyaki sauce, on top of a ball of rice and rolled in seaweed. The ideal snack to pack up for long days hiking or at the beach!

5. Kalua Pig

Last but not least, the Kalua Pig. This dish is for special occasions and big celebrations. When visiting Hawaii you will definitely end up at a Luau. This is a Hawaiian feast featuring music and dancing. During this feast, not only will you enjoy the most beautiful dancing and music, but you will get a chance to taste the most tender and flavorful, yet crispy piece of pork.

The Kalua Pig is cooked in a underground oven called an Imu. You will need to return to Hawaii to enjoy this delicacy.

Hawaii has many more dishes and specialities- these are only 5 must try Hawaiian Dishes in Maui. Go out and explore small local restaurants, food trucks, and if you want to learn more about Food in Maui, comment below!


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