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April 8, 2021 0

What does your morning routine usually consist of?! I hope it includes some coffee! For us, coffee is practically religion. We do not leave the house… or cafe without it! Other than coffee, wellness and health is incredibly important. This is something that we try to incorporate in our everyday life, with eating, exercise and activities. This month, we are encouraging wellness. Starting today, Belle Surf Cafe will be offering $2 off on all wellness drinks (Bulletproof, Matcha, Golden Milk, Chai latte)  that are purchased under the online orders. To receive the discount, type in the code: wellness at checkout. Now, let’s talk about a day in the life of Belle Surf.


Surfing is a huge part of our lives, and the Hawaiian culture. When you wake up everyday in a warm tropical place, the first thing that comes to mind is getting in the ocean. It is a very cleansing, heart warming experience. I make a cup of coffee as we are heading out the door, eager to check the surf! Early mornings on Maui are typically very glassy, and most of the time there are waves. The water is calling and we jump in for a few hours to have some fun and play. Are you visiting Maui and would like to learn more about surfing? Click here for some fun information! 

Breakfast at Belle Surf Cafe

avo toast



After surfing, we are absolutely famished! There is no better place to healthfully fuel your body than Belle Surf Cafe! Having a wellness drink in the morning is a great start. The first thing that you put in your body is very important. You will absorb it quickly, and it should be something that will benefit you. We offer bulletproof coffee, matcha lattes, chai lattes, and golden milk lattes as our wellness drinks. I love them all, and they are delicious! Our organic espresso is very tasty, and the baristas sure know how to make it just right.

Some of our after surf menu favorites are the smoothie bowls (Amazonia or Pool Party), Avocado toast, or the Norwegian bagel. These will fill you, but with the right nutrients! Belle Surf Cafe is friendly to all different types of diets, and we also have different superfoods included on the menu!




After breakfast, I need to sit and digest for a little while. But then…. time to get moving again! Regular yoga practice is good for you because it helps reduce stress levels and inflammation, contributing to a healthier heart. There is something incredibly relaxing about stretching and focusing on your breathing. Exercise is definitely a part of a day in the life of Belle Surf. If I am feeling like doing something more intensive, a HIIT workout is a great way to get in a quick workout and sweat.



Maui has many incredibly beautiful hikes to offer. One of our favorites is called Waihee Ridge Trail. This steep, 4 mile hike will get you in the beautiful outdoors while spiking your heart rate! The hike starts in a foggy forest, almost feeling like you are somewhere on the mainland. Then, you will open up to the views of the valley down below, and the mountain up above. As you hike along this ridge, it is a great opportunity for photos of the views and green mountains! There are many more hikes on Maui aside from Waihee Ridge Trail. Haleakala National park has different hikes if you would like to explore the top of the crater. Then there are waterfall hikes, like Twin Falls, or even deeper into Hana! It will make you happy to get outdoors in your free time and get your body moving.

Swimming in the ocean

After a long hike, I’m sure you are eager to get back down to the beach and wash off the dirt and sweat! Going for a swim is another big part of our lives here. There is always some time to take five minutes to jump in the ocean. Freshening up, taking a deep breath in and soaking up all the beauty around you, really helps you re-appreciate the island that we call home. I cannot believe we are so lucky to live in such paradise.

We place a huge importance on healthy eating and moving your body. After all, this is the only body that you have, and you need to treat it kindly. Whether it be swimming, surfing, running, yoga, or whichever type of activity is your favorite, don’t forget to take some quality time for yourself to focus on your health. If you are too busy to cook food, stop by Belle Surf and ask us for recommendations on wellness drinks or food. We are happy to help! Now that you know how a day in the life of Belle Surf goes, comment below or tag us on instagram to share what you do to make yourself happy and healthy.

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