Best Workout Locations on the West Side of Maui.

April 15, 2021 0

Are you the kind of person who needs to workout everyday in order to feel good? Even during a vacation in Hawaii?  The daily activities and tours on the island are not enough? I know how hard it can be when you are in a new place to find a good spot to go run or workout. It took me time and trial before finding my perfect running or yoga spot, or a good beach where I can swim long distance safely around Lahaina. So I decided to make a list of the best workout locations on the West Side of Maui


1.Trails for running or walking

My favorite location to go jogging or walking is definitely the Kapalua Coastal trail.  You can do a nice loop from Flemmings beach all the way to Kapalua and back.

What I like the most about this area is that it’s almost always windy, so it doesn’t get too hot. On top of that you will discover astonishing beaches and coastal trails.

It does not get too crowded, just enough to feel safe!

If you are staying in Lahaina and do not want to drive to Kapalua, another nice location is the coastal trail going from Kaanapali to Lahaina. This 4.4 mile long trail offers a paved and flat pathway with little crowd.

If you like to challenge yourself and push your limits, walking or running in the sand is a great exercise. It has the advantage of lowering the impact on your bones and joints but still pushes your cardio!  For this kind of exercise Flemmings is definitely a great location, this beach offer miles of soft sand with no rocks or shells, you can walk barefoot  with no worries!


2. Yoga and workout locations

I personally do not really enjoy practicing yoga at the beach. The soft sand makes it hard to stand in certain positions where the balance is key. So I like to find spots in nice patches of grass, eventually shaded, where I have a beautiful ocean view and a light breeze.

Again, Kapalua is a great location! In front of the Montage the big patches of grass under the palm trees overlooking the ocean are just a dream! There is lot of space, nice short grass, constant little breeze and a breathtaking views, definitely a sunset yoga location!

Easier to access from Lahaina, “Airport Beach” is a nice workout location where locals like to go. If you don’t feel comfortable exercising alone, and feel like everyone is staring at you, then airport beach is a good place to go. Lots of people like to go workout and practice yoga there. Again it’s a nice little beach park, where you can safely and easily jump in the water after your practice!


3. Swimming

You are more of a water person? Swimming in the ocean is definitely a great workout. But certain precautions do need to be taken-in Hawaii the ocean is pretty wild!

As everyone knows the coastlines of Hawaii can be very dangerous with big waves, razor sharp reef, and sharks.. so if you’d like to swim long distance here is a list of safe locations we would recommend.

Our first advice is to follow the coastline, staying close to the shore is the best thing you can do! People can see you, and in case of problem you can get back to the shore quickly

Swimming from Blackrock to Ka’anapali point is great. No reef to worry about, clear water with good visibility, and beach access all along. The waves can get big there, but it’s usually pretty calm.

Kapalua Bay and Napili Bay also offer nice swimming locations with usually small surf, and no strong currents or big rocks to worry about.

We also advise to take some time to observe the ocean and the location you are planning to swim in. Spot the few shallow reefs and make sure you have seen how big the waves are.

Sometimes it may seem like the water is calm and all of a sudden big waves or currents appear and put you in a dangerous situation!



Hopefully this little guide of Best Workout Locations on the West Side of Maui helps! We just want you to make the best of your time on the island. And avoid wasting time searching around for places to exercise.

Of course there are many more places to exercise around Lahaina. But if you want to exercise in safe, uncrowded and relatively “cool” conditions, you should check out these locations!

And don’t forget to stop by our coffee shop after. Our healthy menu offers all the nutrients you need for a pre and/or post workout meal!






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