Coconut hacks and recipes

August 23, 2021 0

Fruits are some of the most Wonderful gifts from Mother Nature. Coconuts are definitely one of the most precious gifts that have been given to Islanders. Providing fresh drinking water and delicious tasty meat, there is so much you can do with a coconut. In Maui, they are all over the place! We learned how to enjoy them and make the best use of the entire nut. If you want to know some of our favorite Coconut hacks and recipes, keep reading!


1-Choosing your coconut

The best is to get it right off the tree! If you have one in your garden, you will need to hire someone to pick them from those very tall trees. Do not attempt it yourself, it is extremely difficult and dangerous.

It is important to keep your coconut trees maintained, as a coconut falling can be deadly… and a liability. Many locals will do it for free in exchange for the coconuts!

To know if the coconut is good, shake it! if you hear water inside this is a good sign. Looks for cracks, moisture or sogginess. You want your coconut to look dry and not leaking.


2-Opening a coconut

Another dangerous process, to enjoy this fruit you must earn it!

Most people around the world do it with a Machete, this technique works great but loosing a piece of finger is part of the risk. If you love your hands, there are easier and safer ways to do it!

Hammer and screwdriver technique: You can hammer the screwdriver inside the “eyes” or dots in the bottom of a coconut and poor the water out of it. Then you can hammer circling around the coconut until it cracks in half to access the meat.

You are lost on a deserted island with no tools? Don’t worry! simply smash the coconut against a pointy rocks, again and again and again, until it cracks! Some water is definitely wasted that way, but if you are careful you can save most of it and survive!

3- What to do with your coconut

You can simply drink the water and eat the meat with a spoon! Or put that water in the fridge to make it 10 times more enjoyable.

Coconut water is a delicious addition to any sweet drinks. Put it in your smoothies or cocktails! it is a great base for tea, or will add lots of flavor to your overnight oats.

What about the meat? blend it in a smoothie, make coconut jerky, use as a garnish or make shredded coconut!



4- What is coconut milk?

Most people are familiar with coconut milk.  Flavorful and easy to store, coconut milk is simply the meat blended with water and then filtered.

It does have extremely rich coconut flavor and is a great addition to many recipes, sweet or salty!

Delicious when cooking vegetables and curry, not only does coconut milk bring flavor but it also adds a nice creamy consistency to your dish.

Have you tried coconut rice? Probably one of the easiest uses for coconut milk! Simply add coconut milk in your water when cooking the rice. It makes one of the most delicious rice you have ever tried! After tasting this you won’t be able to enjoy simple plain rice!

5- Health benefits of coconuts

  • Rich in healthy fats, which help to balance blood sugar level, reduce inflammation, fuel the nervous system and provide us with energy
  • High in Lauric acid, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial fatty acid
  • Coconut milk is a great alternative to milk and nut-milks- it is dairy and nut free!
  • Great source of fiber when using the entire coconut.


Are you already trying to climb the coconut tree in your backyard? Coconuts will save you if you have to survive alone on a deserted island! They will also bring flavor to your smoothies, cocktails, and make your curry sauce more creamy and tasty. Don’t get me going about how tasty the rice is when cooked in coconut milk! There are millions ways to enjoy this wonderful tropical fruit.

And remember NEVER sit under a coconut tree!





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