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May 13, 2021 1

Have you ever been on a helicopter?! This is an exhilarating activity, where you get the opportunity to see the world from the eyes of a bird. You will view the cracks and crevices of places that cannot be accessed on foot. Are you curious about flying on a helicopter in Hawaii? If this is something that is on your bucket list, it’s definitely a must! Here are some reasons why!

What type of helicopter tours are offered?

There are many different types of tours offered to the public. This also depends which island you are on and the company that you choose. Sunshine Helicopters is our favorite company! Their standards for safety are extremely high. The state of the art equipment will have you feeling very comfortable and safe. They offer tours on Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Their Maui tours are:

  • Hana & Haleakala Tour
  • Circle Island Deluxe Tour
  • Molokai Deluxe Tour

The flights range anywhere from 40-70 minutes. My favorite out of these choices is the Molokai Deluxe Tour! They take you to the backside of Molokai, where there are no roads or cars. This part of the island is only accessible by boat or helicopter! It’s stunning green scenery, tall mountains, leading up to the biggest waterfall in Hawaii, makes it breathtaking. You will be so surprised at what you can see while flying up here. After the Molokai tour, they will take you back around the West side of Maui, and you will go into the West Maui Mountains, and return back to the airport. I highly recommend this one!

There are many different types of helicopter tour companies on each island with different types of tours to suit your needs and what you would like to see. You can even ride on a helicopter with the doors off if you’re more of a thrill seeker!

What to bring with you on a tour:

  • Loose fitting light colored clothing. The helicopters have air conditioning, but as we know it gets hot in Hawaii. Sometimes if the sun is shining brighter on your seat, you will be happy you wore something airy.
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Cell Phone
  • Identification
  • Anti-motion sickness medication (if you are prone to motion sickness)

Will we be the only ones in the helicopter?

Unless you charter the whole helicopter, you will be sharing the flight with others. The companies do their absolute best to seat couples and families together. It depends on the weight and balance of the passengers and aircraft. However, visibility from each seat showcases spectacular views.

Are helicopters safe?

Let’s put it this way. Flying in a helicopter is considerably more dangerous than airline travel. But it’s far safer than riding in a car! I am not here to tell you what to do. After all, many different things in life have risks such as surfing, biking, swimming, driving in a car, hiking, etc. If you are excited and happy to get on a helicopter tour, that is great and you will love it! And if this is not something that excites or interests you, that’s fine too! There are many more things to do in Hawaii.

What is the weather in Hawaii like? 

The weather in Hawaii is unlike any other in the world. There are rain showers passing over the island everyday. This is very normal weather for Hawaii, and what causes such beautiful rainbows! The helicopter companies will NOT take off, if the weather is not safe. They use the latest technology to determine the weather and safety. If there is bad weather before your flight, the tour may be canceled. But it happens! And you are more than welcome to reschedule for another day.

Are the tours operating right now with COVID?

There are certain tour companies that are currently operating, even with the pandemic right now. You will have to call and ask, depending which company and see what the rules and regulations are with flying. Most of them are hoping to be back up and running within the next month!

Now that you know a little more about flying on a helicopter in Hawaii, you can be prepared for this insanely cool activity! Get ready to up and away and experience the magic that this beautiful and isolated chain of islands has to offer. Come check out Belle Surf Cafe on your way back for a coffee and some lunch!

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