How French people like to enjoy their coffee?

March 18, 2021 0

Nowadays, almost all the countries of the world consume coffee! Each of them in different quantities and recipes depending on their culture and traditions. Despite the cultural globalization, there are still interesting differences of how some countries like to enjoy their delicious coffee.

France and USA are the 22th and 23th biggest Coffee consumer per capita. Americans like to drink coffee just as much as the French, but in a very different way! Do you wonder how French people like to enjoy their coffee? Keep reading!


If you have travelled to Europe, you probably have noticed these fun facts. But do you know all of them?!

In American Culture, the focus is on convenience and accessibility, due to the fast-paced  lifestyle of the big cities. Drive Thru and “on-the-go” food and drinks is the main way of coffee consumption for Americans. In France it is way less frequent to see people walking around and going to work with their coffee.

Europeans like to sit and enjoy their coffee regularly with a little pastry! In the streets of Paris, Madrid or Milan, cafes are everywhere! They are taking over the sidewalks with outdoor chairs and tables, all of them filled with people sitting and sipping!

Like I said earlier, most Americans like their Coffee “on-the-go” and large cups of drip coffee are the fastest and most convenient way to start the day. Buying one big drink that will last and give you your energy for the entire morning.

Espresso Coffee is the French and South Europeans favorite way to enjoy coffee.  In small cups and during anytime of the day. It can be for breakfast with a croissant, after lunch or after dinner to help digest and go through the day. Or just during a work break, with a cigarette maybe? Yes, smoking it’s still a big part of French culture!

Because an Espresso needs to be served hot right out of the Machine it takes more time than drip coffee. Which doesn’t fit to the fast pace of most American lifestyles.

Don’t get me wrong, those are generalities that anyone who has been living in these two countries can observe. “Drive thru” and “take away” are becoming more and more popular in Europe, responding to the demand of people in a rush.

Americans are also changing their coffee consumption habits. Being able to enjoy their drink, sitting comfortably in a cafe with their laptop and free Wi-Fi, made the modern youth fall in love with these kinds of places.

At Belle Surf Cafe, not only we are happy to offer all kinds of coffees for all the tastes and needs, but we also offer a more “French” way of enjoying your drink! Our outdoor terrace, is cozy and comfortable.

 The perfect location to take a break, or get some work done while taking a breath of fresh air and a delicious breakfast! We are located on a street with nearly no traffic smack dab in the middle of Lahaina Town.

You might not be in France, but you are in Hawaii  so come get used to the slower island / French rhythm.

Visit us, take a seat, take your time, appreciate the taste and enjoy the moment!

(PS yes, sometimes we like to have an Espresso shot at dinner time, after our dessert which was actually cheese. SO what!? 🙂 )








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