Is Maui a good place for Van Life?

February 18, 2021 1

You are dying to come to Maui but on a tight budget? Or maybe you just love exploring around and sleeping overnight in different locations? So… you may wonder if Maui is a good place for Van Life! Well, stay with us and we will give you all the pros and cons of living in a van on the Island of Maui.

First what does Van Life mean? It means living full or part time in a modified vehicle with basic amenities such as a bed, sink, electricity, storage space, etc.

Here are 7 reasons why you should definitely come and explore Maui with a Van:

1-Save a ton of money!

To enjoy and explore the island of Maui, you will need a car AND a place to stay. Hotels and resorts can be very expensive here. By choosing to rent an equipped Van you will save A LOT! No need to rent a vehicle anymore! With all of the money you save you can enjoy more eating out and doing activities.

2-Get out of your comfort zone

If for you holidays means comfort, luxury and napping by the pool, then Van Life is probably not for you. Or, it actually might be! By living in a tiny space on wheels, comfort is limited. You will not be tempted to stay by the pool or inside you room with A/C all day.

Van Life means living outside, enjoying all day from sunrise to sunset. During one week of Van Life you will do and see probably about 3 times more than you would during a more “normal” holiday.

3-Wake up in a different location every morning


Do you ever go on a day trip, find an amazing location and wish you could stay for the night? But then you need to go back to your expensive hotel you paid for.. Not anymore! Enjoy all the sides of the island, wake up on the beach, mountains, cliff or jungle! You decide 🙂

4-Maui’s Climate is Perfect for Van Life

Van Life sounds like a dream until the cold weather arrives. Like I said you basically live outside, so if it’s freezing, you will freeze! And lock yourself in a tiny space all day. In Maui you don’t have to worry about being cold (unless you go high up). You will most probably enjoy dining outside after a hot day or dipping in the ocean as soon as you wake up.

5-No dangerous animals

Unlike California or other places where you have to worry about Bears, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Spiders etc. In Maui there are NO DANGEROUS SPECIES at all! The most dangerous animals that we have on island are probably centipedes. No death threat here. To avoid mosquitoes the best option is to stay by the beach or dry / windy areas.

6-Lots of good camping spots

There are a lot of beautiful places where you can park for the night. The entire coastline around Olowalu is definitely the best choice. The road goes right along the beach for miles! All you have to do is pull-over and enjoy the sunset! To find out more about where to spend the night here is a useful link.

7-Large Van choices

Simply google Maui Van Rental and you will find plenty of choices with “maui camper van rental“, “Campervan Hawaii” or “Maui Camper Escape“. You can even see what Turo has to offer if you are looking for cheaper options.


So is Maui a good place for Van Life? Is it all rainbows and Butterflies? In total honesty there are some negative sides.

Here are a few down sides of living in a Camper Van on Maui.

1-Some places are Not Safe

Be careful when leaving your vehicle alone or choosing a place to spend the night. Like everywhere, there can be individuals with bad intentions. You can usually feel the vibe and tell if it seems “sketchy”. The safest option is to stay on the beaten path and not isolate yourself too much.

If you go on a long hike, keep your valuables with you just in case. If you decide to do some “wild” camping ask people around if it’s a safe place. There are many campgrounds where you will probably feel safer and sleep better.

2-It gets HOT

Yes I know.. I said that the climate is perfect, I guess I don’t mind a little sweat! To fight against the hot afternoons here is what you can do: park under a tree, gain some altitude, get a van with good A/C, or simply park near the ocean and jump-in!

3-Narrow Roads

If you are planning to do some deep explorations like going to Hana, keep in mind that these roads get very narrow. It is doable if you are confident with your driving. You can also find smaller vans, and sacrifice some comfort for adventure!

So what do you think? Is Maui a good place for Van Life? After writing this blog I found 7 pros and only 3 Cons, so I would 100% recommend this experience, mainly if you are on a budget or thirsty for adventure!

Living in a van can be tiring and if you want to go back home well rested we suggest booking a room for your last 2 days.

To make this Van Trip in Maui a bit more enjoyable we definitely recommend you stay on the West Side and come enjoy your morning Coffee at Belle Surf Cafe, Open 7 days a week!

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