Island hopping from Maui to Lanai

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Make your trip to Maui even more memorable by Island hopping from Maui to Lanai.

Have you been to Maui many times and already seen it all? Jump on a boat for a short trip to the neighboring island of Lanai! There is only one ferry connecting islands in the state of Hawaii, and it connects Maui to Lanai! Nowadays, everyone travels by plane, but a trip on a ferry is worth a try! Save money, be more eco-friendly, and enjoy the beautiful experience of crossing the Auau Channel.

1.How to get to Lanai

There is no direct plane from the mainland to Lanai. You can connect a flight from Honolulu, Kahului, or catch the only ferry connecting two Hawaiian Islands.

Traveling on a boat through the Pacific Ocean is an experience of a lifetime! Breathtaking views of Maui and Lanai from further away. Enjoy the fresh air and the company of dolphins and maybe whales during your trip! Travel from harbor to harbor just like during the old times!

No long check ins and boarding in another airport. The ferry is only 1 hour long, only 30 USD per adult per trip and 20 USD for children. Departing from Lahaina Harbor.

There are five round-trips daily.  For more information call (800) 695-2624, (808) 661-3756 or visit

2. Where to stay in Lanai

Lanai has two world-class luxury resorts, the Four Season Resort Lanai and lodge at Koele. You can also stay at the historical Hotel Lanai in Lanai City for a more budget friendly and authentic experience.

This Island is extremely wild and uninhabited, only 3,102 people live on the island all year round. Which explains the lack of accommodation and keeps the amount of tourists on the island very limited!

3. What to do in Lanai

There are two ways to experience Lanai:

Have a luxurious experience, enjoying all the comfort and activities that one of the best and most luxurious hotels in the world has to offer.

Go on adventures! Rent a 4 wheel drive and get lost in the roads of Lanai. There are absolutely no traffic lights and only one stop sign in Lanai! Get on the dirt roads and go discover all the treasures this Island has to offer! Outdoor activities such as diving, horseback riding, hiking or even shooting clays are available!

But our favorite trip is getting away from all signs of civilization by driving to Polihua beach, two miles of pristine white sand and clear water. Chances to see anyone else there are very low! Enjoy the unique experience to have a beach for yourself and feel like Robin Crusoe for a few hours.


4. Fun facts about Lanai

Larry Ellison owns 97% of Lanai, he bought the Island for 300 million USD in 2012 from David Murdock. Mr Ellison now lives full time on the island since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ellison’s ambitions extend beyond tourism. He plans to create “the first economically viable, 100% green community”.

Cats are overpopulating the island. The feline does not have any predator on Lanai and they kept reproducing since they were brought on the island more than a century ago. Ellison created a cat sanctuary known as “The Fur Season”. The sanctuary hosts more than 500 cats, and is open to visitors.

Lanai is also known as the “Pineapple Island”. Around 1930, Lanai was exporting 65,000 tons of pineapples per year! Or about 75% of the world’s pineapple! Production ended in 1992 when Lanai was bought by Murdock, but the name remains.

So…did this make you want to jump in the ferry from Lahaina? Make sure you load up on some energy for the trip with some of our take away smoothie bowls and coffees. We are located right near the harbor where the departure is!

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