Matcha Makes Us Cha Cha

November 22, 2019 0

Matcha is taking over. Like no, seriously, it’s everywhere.

If you aren’t apart of this craze lately, you better get on that bandwagon real fast. It can be found literally anywhere and truly in anything. It has been grown, cultivated, harvested, and used since the 10th century throughout Asia but is now found worldwide. Traditionally, it was brewed into a tea using hot water with salt added as a finishing touch. It was/is popular among Buddhist monks who find the drink to bring mental clarity and aiding them during meditation.

But today, not only can you find matcha drinks just about everywhere you look,  it’s recently been used in various food items such as ice cream, pancakes, mochi, pasta, cookies, crepes, buttercream, even jelly. You name it, matcha can be added to it.

It’s no surprise that matcha is making headlines in the food and beverage industry, there are tons of added benefits to the powder green tea, some even say it has the ability to aid towards the prevention of cancer!

Here at Belle Surf, we prefer to prepare our matcha more towards the traditional side of things, but of course with a Belle Surf twist. A coconut milk matcha frappe is a barista favorite, with either local honey or vanilla syrup added in as an additional touch of sweetness. Hot or cold, blended or steamed, matcha does not disappoint. We are always happy to try it in any drink that interests you. Come in and try it for yourself!!

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