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January 8, 2021 by Marion0

Here at Belle Surf, local is everything to us. Being a local business on the island ourselves, we know the importance and appreciate those that choose to support local business and products.

We have a retail section in the café, where we have a variety ranging from tea towels, soaps, and candles, to shirts, onesies, and books to choose from. All items are coming from local artists on either Maui or any of the other Hawaiian island.

Aloha Apothecary is a company based off of Oahu where they promote and sell organic and all natural beauty products. They are a sustainably and environmentally friendly company, using recycled materials and transforming them into their beautiful packaging.

Their options range from cleansers, lip balms, moisturizers, various hair products, and even baby safe products. Most are originating from Hawaiian retailers, with some coming from California. We love that they are not only supporting the “little guys” in a big corporate world, but making the Earth healthier and most definitely good looking as well.

Thank you Aloha Apothecary for the local love! They recently posted about us being the “Must Stop” coffee shop on Maui. 

If you haven’t stopped in to Belle Surf, it is even proven to be a MUST. Come visit us and let us make your day a little more aloha filled with a yummy cup of coffee or a delicious crepe.

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