Why we are lucky to drink coffee in Hawaii

January 8, 2021 by Marion0

1 In Hawaii you wake up early

In Hawaii you wake up early, 5:30am. The rooster is your alarm clock and it means real life has started, the island life.

You zombie walk into the kitchen and make a cup of coffee (Belle Surf Cafe offers a bunch of different single origin beans that you can buy (grinded or whole).

Jump into your outside shower and take a refreshing cold tropical shower surrounded by palm trees, yellow hibiscus and red ginger – (Note: we just tried the shea butter, turmeric, kola & reishi, coconut chai shower gel, you’ll love it!)

Your coffee is ready, drink it!

2 You can drink coffee outside in the morning

In Hawaii you can enjoy your morning cup outside every single day of the year; it’s the perfect temperature, never too hot or too cold. Starting off the day outside gives you an enjoyable breather and a boost of energy. Fresh air and delicious hot coffee, you’re ready to conquer the day.

3 You have a constant view

You have a constant view, whether it be the thriving jungle, the booming ocean, the swaying bananas trees or the lush mountains….its always a pleasing sight. Additionally you can hear the birds chirping and singing in the morning breeze, the waves breaking, the trees swaying; it all puts you in a good mood. You’re lucky to live in paradise, enjoy!

4 You can grab a cup to go at anytime

You can grab a cup to go at anytime of the day and enjoy it anywhere with anyone. Meet up with friends, write in your journal, take a yoga class, go on a hike, go on a quick surf sesh or just sit and read a book. Any activity is better with a good quality cup of coffee from Belle Surf.

5 In Hawaii there is Belle Surf

Because Belle Surf offers the best organic coffee in Hawaii and it’s a must try! Baristas are always ready to serve you with a smile and an aloha spirit.

Small batch of fresh coffee arrived every week and you’re going to hang outing a cute surf/boheme/beach cafe.

You’re lucky to drink coffee in Hawaii, take a breath, relax, you’re in Paradise!

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