How Clean are the Beaches of Maui?

February 1, 2021 by Marion0

Have you been wondering ‘how clean are the beaches of Maui’? Sometimes people have had bad experiences in another tropical destinations.

Have you ever discovered a beautiful beach, but as soon as you step on it, all you can see is plastic? Straws, lighters, bottles, micro-plastic and more trash washed on the shore.

It ruins the whole experience of appreciating the beauty of nature. Reminding you how bad ocean pollution actually is. You certainly will not be able to enjoy laying down or swimming around.

Even if the population of the place you visit is educated and respectful of Mother Nature, ocean currents can bring trash from elsewhere.

In Maui, the community is careful and does not litter. There are some amazing people extremely dedicated to keeping our beaches clean.

On todays blog to answer to “How Clean are the beaches of Maui”, we will speak about
Water Quality, Trash On the beach, and Beach Clean-Ups.

1-Water Quality

Clean ocean water is vital for healthy coral reefs. It is also important to visitors and residents who enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving and surfing!

In Maui our water is overall very clean. Small population means less debris flowing into the ocean.

The clarity and cleanliness of water varies.

Some beaches appear crystal clear and others are less clear or murky from time to time.

Many factors influence the clarity of the water, like distance from river mouths, rain, and quality of sand.

Some beaches look less clear or clean but it can simply by due to a red / black sand and dirt that gives the water this aspect.

In general, the best advice is to avoid swimming near river mouths and after heavy rains.

You will find the clearest water in places with small surf and white sand like Napili Bay, Kaanapali, Wailea Beach, Makena Beach and more!

If you would like to learn more about ocean water quality around Maui, the Marine Resource Council website offers all of the information you need to know.

They frequently monitor the ocean water quality in over 33 locations of the island.

dream beach clear water maui

2-Trash On the Beach.

Local people are extremely respectful of their land and do not trash it.

Most of the garbage that washes up on our beaches comes from elsewhere.

Ocean currents, and winds bring trash from all around the world.

China, Indonesia and the Philippines are the greatest ocean polluters. Hawaiians have to make-up for the lack of education and respect of other countries by doing regular beach clean-ups.

Overall, beaches of Maui are extremely clean thanks to the hard work of the local community.

3-Beach Clean-ups

Plenty of beach clean-ups are organized on the Maui to keep our paradise, paradise. Everyone is welcome to join.

Keeping the beaches clean is constant work. From cleaning the trash that some local people dump over the cliffs, to cleaning ghost nets, and other garbages carried by the ocean.

Associations like Sustainable Coastline Hawaii do a lot to keep our beaches clean. From organizing clean-ups, to bringing all the trash to dumpsters and educating the local population.

Have a look at their website to learn more about their actions. You will find a schedule with all the beach clean-ups planned and also a link if you would like to donate.

In Conclusion

Our beaches are extremely clean thanks to our community’s hard work. Avoiding river mouths after rainy days will ensure that clear water!

Remember that keeping our beaches and water clean not only helps tourists have a good time and relax the way they deserve… but also protects our ocean flora and fauna.
Sea Mammals, sea birds, Turtles, reef and other fishes gets extremely effected by plastic pollution.

So please pick-up your ʻōpala (trash in Hawaiian), and other’s ʻōpala too. Do not forget to use reef safe sunscreen.

If everyone simply picks up trash they find while walking on the beach or surfing this will be of a HUGE help for keeping our Beaches clean, and I am sure that the turtles would be grateful too 🙂

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