5 favorite exotics fruits on Maui

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When coming to Maui there is a lot to explore and discover. Your eyes, skin, ears and nose will be in constant ecstasy. But do not leave your taste buds and stomach behind! In this tropical island you will find fresh tropical fruits that you cannot find in you average market! Here is a list of our 5 favorite exotics fruits on Maui that you must try.

If you pay close attention to the photos, you may even find some of those fruits in the wild during a hike!

Apple Bananas

Yes, we know that you find banana pretty much everywhere nowadays, but have you tried the apple banana? This banana is sweet with a rich tangy flavor very different than the ones you are used too. Much smaller and chubbier than a classic banana, they quickly ripe so make sure to buy some yellow ones for today and some green ones for tomorrow!

Their name comes from the slight apple taste they get when too immature.

Bring them to the beach for after surf, or make delicious smoothies with them for breakfast. Once you have tasted those delights it will be hard to go back to the usual ones.


Again, you will find mango everywhere, but there is nothing better than a  perfectly ripe mango freshly picked from the tree! Most of the mango you have tried on the mainland have been picked very early to be able to handle the long trip from Central America.

There are more than 63 different varieties of mango in Hawaii. Including Rapoza, Haizen, Mapulehu, Gouveia and more!

You can pick them off the tree in the late summer and fall. This delicious sweet and juicy fruit is ideal for making juices or adding to greek yogurt with some passion fruit.


Also known as Passion Fruit. Chances of finding them in local gardens are pretty high! This fruit is grown on beautiful vines, ideal to decorate your yards fence while getting some juicy delight at the same time!

Eating a Lilikoi can be a bit more tricky. The easiest way is too slice it in half with a knife and use a spoon to eat the inside. The seed can be a bit crunchy but are meant to be eaten, since it is way to much work to separate them from the flesh.

Their intense taste makes them a great addition to any juice, yogurt bowl or smoothies.

Strawberry Guava

You certainly know the famous guavas, you can find this delicious fruit freshly picked in Maui.  But “Strawberry Guava” are definitely more unique and chances to find them on a hike are higher than finding them at a market! This delicious little fruit is all over the island. Originally from South America, this plant is considered invasive in Hawaii.

But it is a real pleasure to find a tree full of delicious fruits during a hike! You can bite in it straight off the tree or collect them to make juices or jam.


My favorite fruit! unfortunately the season is very short, only a month at the end of June – beginning of May.

During the season you can find them everywhere, they are extremely abundant! These juicy red sweets are one of Hawaii’s favorite! Peel the skin off with your teeth and finger, put it in your mouth and spit the pit!

If you find the perfect lychee, big, ripped, juicy and with a tiny pit, you will never stop looking for more. These delights are an amazing snack during a lazy day tanning on the side of a waterfall!

Obviously there is WAY more than our 5 favorite exotics fruits on Maui! Pineapples, star fruits, dragon fruits, mountain apples etc.. but we can not give away all the surprises our island has to offer! Come visit and explore the markets of Lahaina, Paia and Makawao!

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