Top 7 Maui Ocean Activities

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Whether you are seeking a relaxing vacation with some snorkeling, or a thrilling adventure to the tropics, Maui has everything for you! With the best ocean activities, and the best companies operating them, you are bound to have the time of your lives! The ocean is a magical place, with an entire world underwater. Maui is an island filled with tropical fish and marine life, some of the best waves in the world, and wind for many different types of wind sports. It is a small island filled with so much potential to have fun! You should definitely take advantage of all the amazing things it has to offer. Here are the top 7 Maui ocean activities that we suggest!

Whale Watching

It is no doubt, that whale watching is one of the number 1 ocean activities to do on Maui! Maui is one of the best Hawaiian islands to view the whales from. If you are visiting during the winter months, the Humpback Whales will be here! The best time to see the whales is between mid-January and March. Whale watching is a fun and safe way to see these beautiful creatures. Many people ask if they can take a paddle board out to them to swim with them. It’s very important to keep a safe distance fr

om the whales to respect their space, and for your own safety. These creatures come to birth their young, and although from shore they look fairy close, they are in very deep water! The currents and winds change quickly, so your best bet is going on a whale watching boat! If you see some whales in the distance, pop your head underwater for a swim and you will hear their music!


The next best ocean activity throughout all of Hawaii is snorkeling! There are many different types of tropical fish the ocean has to offer. You will see green sea turtles, colorful coral reefs, and many other vibrant forms of marine life! It is incredibly important to keep your space from the turtles (at least 10 feet) and other animals. They are beautiful creatures and very special to see in the wild! We do not want to lose this privilege or harm them. Don’t forget your reef safe sunscreen! There are many different places where you can go snorkeling right from the beach. Some people prefer to take a boat to the underwater volcano of Molokini and around! We recommend early morning for the best visibility.


Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing! There is so much culture and history here for the surfing world. This is definitely a fun ocean activity and arguably the best one ever! Hawaii draws in residents and visitors from around the world juts for the waves! Many different surf shops around the island offer surf lessons. This is a great activity for the whole family, and you can even get some photos to take home as a souvenir! Here is some more information on surfing and which surf schools are nearby. Come on over to Belle Surf Cafe for lunch and a drink afterwards!

Scuba Diving

The island of Maui is a world renowned place for scuba diving. From beginner to professional levels, there’s an incredible array of Maui scuba diving companies to explore. On this beautiful island, it’s definitely possible to get scuba certified (PADI), add depth certifications to your repertoire, and free dive at a variety of insane locations. No matter your purpose or goal, one thing is for sure…scuba diving is one of the best ways to fully immerse in Maui’s incredible marine life. Most of the Maui dive companies depart from South Maui; Kihei, Wailea, or Makena. Visitors and residents can adventure underway to Molokini Crater, Reef’s End, Back Wall, Enenu’i, Turtle Town, St. Anthony Wreck, WWII Tank, Landing Craft, and more in-the-know Maui dive spots. Scuba diving is by far one of the top 7 Maui ocean activities.

Here are a few websites with more information:

Stand up paddling

This is a rapidly growing ocean activity, and one that anyone can do! What a fun way to explore these clear turquoise waters. Watch the fish swimming below you while paddling on a stand up paddle board. This is a very enjoyable and relaxing way to cruise the coast line with your friends, family, or on your own. Not only can you paddle along flat water, but stand up paddle surfing is a sport as well! If you have never tried this sport before, you will definitely want a lesson from your local surf shop. If you are familiar and know the ocean well, then you can rent a board and paddle for your trip here!

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling

If you are looking for an authentic Hawaii ocean experience, definitely look into doing a Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling tour.Canoes have been paddled for thousands of years by Polynesians. The Hawaiian Islands were first discovered by canoe. With many options of Canoe tours available, guests can start their day with a morning departure from Makena/Wailea, or different entry points out of West Maui including Olowalu and Honolua.

For more information about Outrigger Canoe Paddling in Maui visit:

For info about Private Tours visit:


UFO Parasail offers Hawaii parasailing tours in Maui and the Big Island. Parasailing is definitely an exciting water sport activity in Maui!

UFO Parasail is a company that started on Maui in 1985, bringing new and exciting ocean experiences to the island’s many visitors. The company is owned and operated by Greg VanderLaan, a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. He holds a BS degree in Nautical Engineering and US Coast Guard 3rd Mate Unlimited and 1600-ton Captain’s License.

Today UFO Parasail/UFO Adventures operates six boats on Maui and also has two boats on the Big Island, as well as sister companies in Bay of Islands and Taupo, New Zealand. Moreover, the company has invented much of the technology that makes the UFO Parasail winch boats among the most popular and best in the world. The company manufactures and sells these boats, contributing more than 550 winch boats that are in operation in 35 countries around the world.

UFO Parasailing tours are available seasonally from May 16th-December 14th.

Parasailing tours are not available during Maui’s winter whale watching season. It’s an exciting ocean activity for five years and older, and guests are permitted to ride solo if they weigh more than 160 lbs.

Embarking from Kaanapali Beach, this top-rated Maui activity allows guests to soar above West Maui at heights that range from 800-1200ft (with an ability to get dipped!). Each tour is approximately 1-hour, and the boat is U.S. Coast Guard certified to hold up to 12 passengers. If a guest doesn’t want to parasail but wants to take the boat trip to join a buddy, they can book the tour as an ‘observer.’

We hope that you enjoyed our top 7 Maui ocean activities! Maui is a FUN island. We want everyone to have a great time. Don’t forget to be safe, and pack all of the essentials for a fun trip filled with adventure and relaxation.




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