Hawaiian Flowers

November 21, 2019 2

Living on Maui means that we are lucky enough to witness the beauty that the āina (land) gifts to us each and every day. A common thing that many associate Hawaii with, are the tropical flowers that flourish on the island.

At Belle Surf, we love flowers. We have our own flower garden at the cafe and we are always adding and changing different plants to enhance the ambience of the cafe. From succulents and ferns, to ginger and hibiscus, our local cafe truly embraces all things tropical.

Our newest addition to the Belle Surf plant family is the gorgeous local arrangement pictured below.

  • The beautiful heliconia flower is featured towards the back, giving that perfect pop of yellow. 
  • The smaller pink/red flowers are traditional ginger plants, commonly found on all parts of Maui.
  • The dainty and quaint string like flower is called protea.
  • The large almost wax-like flower in the front is a beehive ginger flower, our favorite!

And to tie them all together, a florida palm adds the perfect amount of green to the bouquet.

The best part about being on an island, is that you can always make your own flower arrangements with anything that you find! Wild flowers can be found everywhere and we encourage you to go out and harvest what you can and see what beautiful creation comes from it. Or maybe even try and make your very own flower crown, known in Hawaii as a “haku”! The possibilities are endless when you’re on Maui.


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