Traveling to Maui in 2022

March 27, 2022 0

Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian Island chain. It offers everything from ocean and volcanoes, all the way to the rainforest. This diverse island might be easy to drive around, but you could get lost exploring for weeks! We love sharing information about Maui, Hawaii, and hope that you can take something from this article and enjoy this island too. We’ve put together some updated information on traveling to Maui in 2022, along with some pointers, favorite spots, and a packing list! Safe travels!

Traveling to Maui in 2022

It has been a rough couple of years with Covid. It has highly effected our islands as well as people wanting to travel here from elsewhere. The tourist industry had closed late March of 2020 as the islands went into a lockdown. Following this, any travelers had to do a two week quarantine upon arrival to the islands. Then it got a little more flexible with Covid testing and vaccination rules in place. Finally, two years later, effective March 26, 2022, the travel quarantine and Safe Travels program has ended! Now, there are no COVID-related requirements for domestic travelers to Hawaii. However, travelers arriving Internationally must still comply with the U.S. Federal requirements.

Although things are changing, our islands and residents that live here still need to be considered. Please take precautions if you are sick, and do your best not to travel if you are, or pass it on to others. We all want to stay healthy and keep our islands open!

Tips & Tricks traveling to Maui, Hawaii

People always ask for our best tips on traveling to Hawaii! We have a few tricks up our sleeve. First things first, travel with a purpose. You may be coming here on your hard earned vacation, but keep in mind that our islands are fragile, and really need people that come here to care and have respect for the Aina (land). We recommend getting out of the resort “bubble”, and visiting local shops, restaurants and businesses. Supporting local will help our community that has suffered a lot during the pandemic. There are some amazing places to eat and shop on the island just waiting to be discovered by you!

Don’t get too close to the wild animals! Make sure to keep your distance and give these beautiful creatures space in their home. The turtles, monk seals, whales and fish are all so beautiful and we understand wanting to get up close and personal with them. However, they are fragile! We want them to stay in our waters and feel welcome rather than scaring them off. Watch from a distance, and make sure not to touch them! You can even book a Whale Watch to get close to the whales, or snorkeling tour to see some beautiful turtles and fish!

Wear reef safe sunscreen.

We cannot emphasize this one enough! It is so important to protect the reef and animals that are in danger from the chemicals coming from many sunscreens. Click here to see the ingredients to avoid. Even wearing swim leggings, long sleeves and hats will help you protect the environment and your skin in a healthy way!

Beware of flash floods when hiking in Maui. This may not seem like a real thing, but you really do need to take caution to hiking in Maui. Especially during our winter months when there is plenty of rain, you can end up in a dangerous situation if you aren’t careful. We don’t say this to scare you off, we just don’t want to see you get hurt! If you are going to the rainforest, Hana, make sure to go hiking on a sunny day! If it’s very rainy and big stormy rainclouds, we would recommend avoiding hiking that day. Flash floods are real, and they happen very quickly. Aside from that, be safe and enjoy your hiking and adventures!

Book through airbnb, or locally owned rentals in order to support Hawaii residents. Same with renting a car, Turo is a great option! Rather than heading to the bigger resorts or car rental companies, you can get an authentic experience staying in a local’s vacation rental here. You might even get a great price! Plus, usually these rentals provide beach chairs, towels, umbrellas, etc so that you are set to go! We highly recommend traveling this way!

Our favorite spots in Maui

We love the entire island! However, there are some spots that really stand out to us. Click here to read more recommendation and  info on spots around the island.

Coffee, breakfast, and lunch at Belle Surf Cafe. You won’t be disappointed. With our diverse menu, we have something for everyone here! Our organic coffee is unique and delicious. You will want to come back everyday for your morning coffee! The outdoor patio space is clean, cute and comfortable for those who need to do some work, or just want to get cozy and read a book. Open everyday from 7:30am-1pm!

Kapalua Bay is a gorgeous beach, located in Kapalua, Maui. This is one of our favorite beaches for snorkeling, swimming, and lounging! It is beautiful. If you are looking for turtles, you will definitely want to go for a snorkel here!

Black Rock Kaanapali is a very fun beach for cliff jumping, snorkeling, and swimming. The water gets deep very quick, so you can enjoy jumping off the cliffs. Be careful and only do what you are comfortable with!

Seahouse Restaurant is one of our favorite dinner spots. With fresh fish, and something for everyone, this place is delicious! We recommend going there for sunset dinner and drinks, so you can watch the beautiful sunset on Napili Bay.

Little Sea Gypsy jewelry is one of our favorite places to treat ourselves to jewelry. She has sterling silver, gold filled, and rose gold filled pieces that are elegant, and complimented with the highest quality of Tahitian Pearls or shells. Check out her instagram! She also sells in a few spots around the island or you can book a slot to view her pieces.

Packing your bags for Maui, Hawaii

Maui is always warm, especially if you are coming from somewhere cold. The winter months here are a bit chillier (at least to the residents), with winds and heavy rainfall. Here is a list of what we would recommend bringing to Maui :

  • Sandals & a pair of sneakers
  • Reef safe sunscreen & a hat!
  • Mostly light weight clothing because it is hot! Jeans are not necessary here. Shorts, skirts, dresses, linen, and swimwear are the best things to have.
  • A light sweater or jacket for the plane and rainy days
  • Day bag
  • Extra space in your luggage to bring home gifts and goodies!
  • A dressy / “going out” outfit for a nice dinner or date
  • A water bottle

We hope that this was helpful! Feel free to ask us any questions that you may have. See you here in Maui!


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