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February 25, 2021 1

There is a special dish on the Belle Surf Cafe menu called the Ahi Coco. Customers are constantly asking where the dish originates from, what are the ingredients, what type of fish is Ahi, and is it cooked? The Ahi coco dish is actually a name we titled it to add a little Hawaiian twist. Most may recognize this dish as Poisson Cru which means raw fish in French. Poisson Cru is a Tahitian dish that consists of raw tuna, lime juice, various vegetables, and coconut milk. There are other names for Poisson cru such as ia Ota or e’ie Ota meaning raw fish. Let me tell you more about how we prepare the Belle Surf Cafe’s Ahi Coco.


Ahi Tuna Fish

How is the Poisson Cru Prepared?

To prepare, first you start by marinating the tuna in lime juice briefly.  Second, add coconut milk to balance the acidity. The authentic way of preparing this is by wrapping coconut meat in cloth and then squeezing the milky juice over the fish and vegetables. Poisson Cru is a sweet, exotic and refreshing dish. You can find it pretty much anywhere in Tahiti.

Well… you are in Maui or Hawaii which is fairly close to Tahiti. The local fisherman catch fresh fish on the daily! And boy do we have tasty fish. Belle Surf Cafe, Maui has a delicious and well prepared poisson cru style dish, but you will find this on the menu as Ahi Coco.

This tasty tropical meal will make your mouth water. In Hawaiian, the word Ahi means tuna fish. The fishermen deliver fresh caught tuna in the morning. We prepare the Ahi Coco right away. This way, the fish is as fresh as it gets!  On our menu, the Ahi Coco is served over a bed of warm white rice. The contrast between the cold fish and the hot rice will make your taste buds tingle! It will leave you coming back for more!

Ahi Tuna Fish

Belle Surf Cafe Ahi Coco dish

The Ahi coco here in Belle Surf Cafe, Lahaina contains fresh Ahi marinated in lime juice, coconut milk, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, Himalayan salt, cracked black pepper served over a bed of rice with a side of mixed greens.

Think of it similar to a poke bowl!

How do I prepare a Poisson Cru style dish at home?

If you are missing Hawaii and craving a delicious dish that reminds you of your dreamy vacation, you can definitely make this at home! We recommend heading to your local fish market or grocery store and getting fresh fish. Typically, the main ingredient is tuna. However, crab, lobster, mussels, octopus / squid, prawns and plenty of other fish will work well as a substitute. To see a step by step recipe, click here.

Fishing in Maui

Ahi Tuna Fish

Many visitors and locals alike, love to fish! It is a very common activity, sport, job, and way of feeding your family here in Hawaii. There are plenty of different charter fishing boats to choose anywhere from bottom fishing to extreme deep sea fishing. Belle Surf Cafe is located in Lahaina right across the street from Lahaina Harbor (640 Front Street). This is where you may be catching a fishing boat. Come stop by and try the Ahi Coco! We are open everyday from 8-2. Good luck and we hope that you catch something to bring back to your rental to prepare dinner!

Now you know more about Belle Surf Cafe’s Ahi Coco or Poisson Cru, bring some friends and family along to taste it.  Here at Belle Surf, we are always striving to provide the freshest and tastiest ingredients leaving our customers coming back for the duration of their stay!

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