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March 1, 2021 2

Every coffee shop tends to have their own “specials” on the menu. Coffee lovers can be two different types of people. Either they know their drink, and stick to it every single day… or they like to be adventurous and test out the different drinks that a cafe has to offer. I tend to be in the middle- sometimes knowing what I want and other times searching for something new. There are plenty of delicious specialty coffee drinks at Belle Surf cafe, and I definitely recommend giving them a chance!

What type of Coffee do we use?

organic coffee beans

The coffee beans used at Belle Surf Cafe are an organic South American African blend and is custom made for us. The specific countries rotate based on seasonal availability. It is a medium roast espresso with notes of chocolate and caramel. Hand pulled on a La Marzocco Linea FB-80 custom espresso machine. Making for the most delicious coffee Maui has to offer! (You will have to see for yourselves)

Our menu has 6 special drinks featured. We have our special way to make the drinks and how we think they taste best. Almost any drink can be served either hot, iced or blended.  We love to treat ourselves to a refreshing iced coffee during those hot summer days.
Here is a little inside scoop to our special drinks and their ingredients!

Specialty Drinks:

Spiced Lavender Mocha

Spiced Lavender Mocha

What is all the rave about?! Our customers adore this drink and keep coming back for more. Our house made lavender syrup mixed with our very own curated spice mix makes for a special combination. It smells like sweet lavender, and tastes like coffee. If you love lavender, this ones for you. Best served hot or iced!

Nutella Latte


I am a sucker for the sweet Nutella latte. In this drink, you have a combination of melted Nutella, mixed with espresso and your favorite milk. Either hot or iced! I recommend it iced because it tastes really delicious cold.

Orange Cardamom

orange cardamom

This drink is very refreshing and quite popular! Our loyal customers come back every morning for more!
A delicate and refreshing orange peel meets subtle spice and topped with a beautiful pillow of fluffy cold textured milk. This is served best iced.

Sandy Beach

Blended coffee drink

Where are all my tropical beach lovers at?! Need an afternoon pick me up?! Do you like sweet and blended drinks?! Well then you should totally order the ice blended double espresso Sandy Beach! Inside this deliciousness is our house made mouth watering caramel sauce, sea salt and cream. Topped with whipped cream, crushed almonds, and a caramel drizzle. It looks exactly how it sounds. Yum!

Island dream

If you love coconut, look no further! This special drink is also blended with a double espresso shot, cream, splash of coconut flavor and topped with a big dolap of whipped cream! It will put you into a daze with its tasty island vibes.

Tree Sap

If you are really craving an extra boost, this tree sap will do it! With cold brew AND a double espresso shot, this drink will have you wired! Mixed with a little bit of honey and drizzled with macadamia milk to balance the flavors. This is another very popular drink, served best iced.

Now that I have told you more about our specialty coffee drinks at Belle Surf, it is up to you whether you are going to be ordering your regular cuppa, or adventuring to the other side! We also carry the more common specialty drinks such as matcha lattes, golden lattes, and bulletproof coffee.

Curious whether or not you should be ordering online? Belle Surf Cafe has an incredibly efficient online ordering system, so if you would like to beat the line, and get some food and drinks to go we highly recommend this! It is great for someone who would like to enjoy their order on the go in the outdoors, or if you are looking for a quick breakfast to make it to your whale watching boat in time! Which specialty drink is your favorite?! Comment below, or tag us on instagram to be featured.


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