Fun facts about the island of Maui

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The second-largest Hawaiian island is a plethora of rainforests, sandy beaches and mountains. Maui’s nickname is “The Valley Isle” because it sits between two mountains, offering vacationers the opportunity to see true beauty in the raw. We have listed some fun facts about the island of Maui to get you excited for your trip!

Maui offers 30 miles of pristine beaches

Not all of the beaches on Maui are white or golden sand. We also have red and black sand beaches! Taking time to explore the island will result in seeing many different types of landscape. You will be in awe! I guess you could consider Maui a fairly small island, however the bio diversity will truly surprise you! In order to see the black or red sand beaches, you will need to take a day (or 2) on the Road to Hana. Hana is the lush, green rainforest in Maui. Hana has many different activities to offer such as hiking, bamboo forests, camping or hotels, waterfalls, beaches, and more!

fun facts about Maui

Maui is the second-largest Hawaiian island

Although Maui is the second-largest Hawaiian island, if you are traveling from the mainland where you can road trip for as far and long as you want, it still may seem like a small island. Maui has a land area of 735 square miles, is 48 miles long and 26 miles wide.

A question I get asked frequently : how long would it take to drive around the entire island?

You can definitely drive around the whole island of Maui, and you could do this in an entire day. It would probably take around 12 hours including stopping and hiking. However, I would probably take a couple of days to do this, so that you can stop and enjoy the scenery and activities. There is plenty of camping, so make sure to scout the spots in advance to prepare your trip accordingly.

A popular attraction in Maui is the “Road to Hana”

This 45-mile stretch of road with 54 one-lane bridges and more than 600 tighter-than-ever turns is breathtaking! Bring a camera and snap pictures of the many waterfalls, pools, and the exceptional views! Some like to take a day trip to Hana, others like to stay a night or two and enjoy without rush. Personally, I have done the one day trip many times and it can be very exhausting. Next time around I will be camping or staying in a quaint resort to take some time to enjoy this beautiful place!

The largest dormant volcano in the world is Haleakala

Haleakala crater is 21 miles across and 4,000 feet deep. In comparison, the entire island of Manhattan could fit inside. Resting at a whopping 10,000 foot elevation, you will feel as though you have landed on Mars! The sunrise at Haleakala summit is incredibly popular, however it can be enjoyed at anytime of the day. With different hikes (for all levels), birdwatching, history, and views, you will be happy you came! Don’t forget some warm clothes, especially if you will be watching the sunrise! It can get to freezing temperatures up there!

fun facts about Maui

The Banyan Tree

Fun face : the banyan tree in Lahaina was just 8 feet tall when it was brought to Maui from India. Now this tree stands more than 60 feet tall and takes up a whole block of land! You can watch concerts and enjoy arts activities under the shade of this magnificent tree. Enjoy an ice cream while taking a break from the hot sun! This tree is located on Front Street, Lahaina…. right across from Belle Surf Cafe! Come say hello and grab some food or coffee from our menu 🙂

Maui’s largest waterfall

Maui has some insane helicopter tours! Are you itching to see Maui’s largest waterfall?! Well, if you take a ride in a helicopter, you can see it from above! You will actually be lucky enough to see all that we cannot access on foot. Honokohau Falls, is a whopping 1,100 feet high and is located in the West Maui Mountains. Check here for more info on Helicopter tours! 

Ocean temperature

The average ocean temperature surrounding Maui is 78 degrees Fahrenheit! Yes, we are very spoiled! There are so many different types of ocean activities to be done. Surfing, swimming, snorkeling, stand up paddling, diving, and so much more! Make sure to take precautions and wear your reef safe sunscreen! Maui has an abundance of marine wildlife, and it is our job to watch from a distance. Make sure to respect these beautiful creatures so they don’t become endangered or extinct!

fun facts about Maui

No billboards

Last but not least…. there are no billboards in Maui! The Outdoor Circle, an environmental group, led the campaign to ban billboards in Hawaii in the 1920s. Billboards can tend to give a city / advertisement kind of vibe to a place. Maui has an incredible amount of beauty to be watched even while driving in the car. There are the lower roads, and the small 1-2 lane highways. I think we all have to agree it’s pretty nice that they decided no billboards!

Well, those were some awesome fun facts about the island of Maui for you! We hope you are getting excited for your next trip here. Give us a follow on Instagram, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our amazing Valley Isle!

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