5 Best and Authentic Souvenirs from Maui

January 28, 2021 by Marion0

Cannot decide what to bring home? We will make the decision easier for you with this list of the 5 Best and Authentic Souvenirs from Maui.

With globalization, you now find the same exact products in every souvenir shops with random products made in China and the Philippines.
It is hard and also important to find Made In Maui products to support local economy and artisans.
You do not want to bring back gifts for your friends from Maui labeled “Made in China”, do you?
Here is a little list of the 5 Best and Authentic Souvenirs from Maui:

1- Mele Ukulele

You might be thinking “I don’t play the Ukulele” well it is never too late to learn!
An ukulele is always useful and there is no household in Hawaii without one.
Get ready for a new lockdown (hopefully not) and have an easy to learn instrument at home. The “sound of aloha” will remind you the good times you had with us!
It’s also a beautiful house decorative item, as Mele Ukulele’s are real pieces of art.
There is no better place than Hawaii to purchase such an iconic instrument, right?
Mele Ukulele have been made in Maui since over 40 years! Stop by their factory to learn more about the art of wood carving and handmade instrument making.

2-Wood Carved Sculpture

Like making an Ukulele, wood carving has deep roots in Hawaiian Culture.
Belle Surf Cafe is right inbetween a Surf School and a Wood Carving Studio.
You will find all kinds of beautiful sculptures of Whales, Turtles, Waves, Tikis and more.
Please do not go purchase some small sculpture at the ABC store next door, and support local artisans. They will be happy to create custom sculptures with the name of your loved ones engraved.
Bring home a gift with soul and history, hand-made in Maui.


There are a lot of amazing artists on the island!
Lahaina is famous for all of the art and photography studios. I’m sure that you take great photos on your iPhone, but I recommend taking a look at the amazing work of these artists.
You can find real astonishing landscape and underwater photography, a good souvenir to bring home and hang on your wall.
Looking for something smaller? Some locals ladies have mastered the Art of making Jewelry. Using the treasures that our beaches have to offer such as seaglass, shells, and pearls. We recommend our friend @WashedUpOnMaui for some unique pieces.

4-Local food products

Are you more of a “gourmet foodie” like us? Well, Maui offers many locally made goodies to bring home! Snack and sweets that you will not be able to find on the Mainland.
Produced and grown in Maui, these souvenirs are easy to find in almost all the markets of the island.
Also they should not take too much space in you suitcase, and are easy and cheap gifts to bring home to your loved ones.
Ku’ia Chocolates,  WowWee Maui’s candy Bar, Hawaiian Host Chocolates
Maui Coffee, Macadamia nuts, Maui Style Potato Chips, Maui Gold Pineapple and more!

5-Belle Surf Cafe goodies

mug made in maui

Haven’t find a gift or souvenir yet? Well Belle Surf not only sells Drinks and food but we also have a small shop!
Ideal for souvenirs and gifts.
We have some beautiful and unique Hawaiian shirts made with soft and light fabric.
Bring home some Lahaina Organics Sunscreen and educate your friends about the harm that certain sunscreens do to the reefs and environment.
We also sell handcrafted ceramic mugs, Belle Surf Blend Organic Coffee Beans, Home Made Coconut Granola, Organic Surf Wax, T-shirts and more!
Come for a coffee, and leave with some little treasures!

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