Golden milk also known as turmeric milk has made its way to Western cultures. It is a new ‘health fad’, but something that we might actually want to consider incorporating into our daily lives as it truly does have many great benefits on your body.  Beginning in India, this drink became known for its many health benefits.
Made with any type of milk, golden milk has a ‘golden’ or ‘orangey’ hue to it. The Golden Milk Latte that we offer is typically served hot (although we can also make it cold) and contains turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper, and melted honey paired with your choice of milk. Now, let me tell you about 5 benefits of the golden milk latte.

High in antioxidants:

With many different health properties, turmeric is high in antioxidants.  Along with the other ingredients of cinnamon and ginger, all three of these spices contain high antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are substances that prevent and slow damage to cells. Diets that tend to be rich in antioxidants are showing less risk of infection or disease.


Improves your mood:

Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin. Recent studies show that if you consume it daily, it helps improve your mood. When ingested, it assists in enhancing brain chemicals such as dopamine, which controls how we experience pain and pleasure.


Strengthens your immune system:

Golden milk has been around for decades, even if you are only hearing about it for the first time now! People from India commonly use it as a remedy to a cold. Cinnamon and ginger help soothe a sore throat. Turmeric contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties.

Promotes Digestion:

In Ayurveda, turmeric is actually considered a digestive healing agent.
Due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidants in turmeric as well as ginger, these aid in healthy digestion. No more bloating!



Curcumin contains strong anti-inflammatory properties. If you are looking to reduce inflammation as well as join pain, daily ingestion of this natural anti-inflammatory may help.  If you are an active person, and your muscles are sore, this may help too!


Many customers come in with the question “What is a Golden Milk Latte?”. Many people are already aware of the new trend (at least in our culture) and testing it out for themselves! I personally drink a golden milk from time to time, and I have to say that it is delicious. You should come stop by and give it a try, and see if any of these 5 benefits of the golden milk latte benefit you too!

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On January 16, 2021, we witnessed French surfer Justine Dupont pushing the limits of women’s surfing in Maui during one of the biggest swells of the decade.

Surfers can tell in advance where and when the waves are going to arrive due to modern day weather forecast. Thanks to this technology, the best big wave surfers of the world travel the planet in search of the biggest waves to ride.

This past Saturday, the place to be for those “chargers” was definitely Pe’ahi also known as Jaws, in Maui.

The French Big Wave Rider Justine Dupont did not miss the appointment with the giants. She came back to Maui to get her revenge after a bad accident at Jaws in 2018, and this time she managed to tame the beast!

In today’s blog we will explain firstly why this wave is so special, secondly how to go watch it and finally how Justine Dupont was Pushing the Limits of Women’s Surfing

1-What is so special about Jaws?

-Growth Of Tow-In Surfing

First of all, Jaws is where Big Wave surfing went to a whole new level with the start of “tow-in”.
The bigger the waves are, the faster they go. The faster they go, the faster you need to be in order to catch them!

This wave gets so big that sometimes paddling into it is not even an option anymore. Pioneers like Laird Hamilton started to tow each other into the waves with a boat!

Before starting Tow-In at Jaws they had some practice on the North Shore of Oahu. However it was definitely at Jaws that this discipline grew and became famous.

Not only the wave of Jaws birthed Tow-In Surfing, but it is also the most “perfect” Big Wave ever.

-The Most Perfect Giant Wave

There are other waves in the world as tall as Pe’ahi, like Mavericks or Nazare. The big difference of Pe’ahi is that this wave gets so perfect that it allows surfers to enter deep inside of the barrels and also make it out!

Not only when you surf Pe’ahi are you surfing one of the biggest waves in the world, but there is a chance that you will catch the biggest barrel in the planet!

Rare are the surfers who get behind the water curtain in Peahi as it is extremely dangerous. Most of them rather play it “safe” by staying away from this critical zone.

However, this past Saturday, Peahi was ON. And Justine Dupont marked the day by Pushing the Limits of Women’s Surfing.

-From the Water

You could stay in the comfort of your sofa and just watch the best waves of the day online. But trust me, sitting on the Cliff or even on a boat and watching Jaws will give you goosebumps and an adrenaline rush that no screen can provide.

First, you need to come to Maui during the winter, when the big swell of the North Pacific hits the North shores of the Hawaiian Islands.

Then, if you have some good connections, you can jump onto a boat in Kahului Harbor to go see the waves breaking from very close. Usually only surfers, rescue teams and photographers sit in the channel.

We recommend watching the waves from land to make room for the safety teams and professionals.

-From Land


The easiest, safest and most respectful option is to watch these waves from the cliff or the beach.

To get there you will need a four wheeler, or some strong legs to hike down the muddy road. The hike to get to the cliff takes about 45 minutes from the road to Hana in Haiku. You can also find some shuttle trucks that will take you to the viewpoint for a small fee.

You will not find anything on this cliff. Make sure to bring water, food and sunscreen. We also recommend binoculars to watch the show.

It is amazing to see the hoard of photographers and spectators on the cliffs. From this point of view you will see all the action, not only the waves ridden, but also the few unridden monsters.

Seeing everything live is very different. You share emotions of fear, joy, stress and relief at the same time as the surfers, safety team and other spectators.

Watching from the cliff makes you realize how long the surfers stay underwater and what wonderful work the safety and rescue team is doing.

3 What happened last Saturday.

-Surfers Made the show

zane schweitzer jaws

The forecast announced one of the biggest swells of the decade on January 16th, 2021.
About 40 foot faces in the morning with light winds-ideal for paddling into the waves.

Zane Schweitzer opened the game by paddling into some monsters on his Stand Up Paddle board, quickly followed by Nathan Florence and Tyler Larronde.

As the waves rapidly got bigger (about 60 feet!) and the wind stronger (making paddling into the wave almost impossible), surfers started to catch the waves with the help of jet-skis.

During this day we saw Kai Lenny getting massive barrels and kicking out of the waves doing double backflips.

Brad Domke caught probably the biggest wave ever ridden on a skimboard (small surfboard with no fins).

Zane Schweitzer rode giants using every tool possible, first on his stand up paddle board, then on his surfboard…and finished on his windsurf!

Much more happened! We saw insane dangerous wipeouts on windsurfs, spectators getting smashed by waves on the beach (yes do NOT get too close!!!), and surfers sharing waves together.

-Justine Dupont Pushes the Limits

On January 16, 2021, we witnessed French surfer Justine Dupont pushing the limits of women’s surfing in Maui during one of the biggest swells of the decade.

At the end of the day, if there is one wave that people will remember, the one ride that marked the day, is definitely Justine Dupont’s wave!

On Big Saturday Surfer Girl Justine Dupont Made History in Maui! We saw her get towed in to one of the best and biggest waves of the day. She disappeared deep behind the curtain that is made of thousands of gallons of water, to finally make it out with the spit!

We never saw this in Woman surfing before.  Justine is not the first woman to surf Pe’ahi, or to get barreled there, but no woman before ever showed such commitment. She threw herself extremely deep inside the mouth of the Hawaiian giants and managed to get spit out!

The size and the depth of the barrel Justine caught on Saturday was unprecedented in Woman’s surfing.

In Conclusion

Big Wave Surfing has been evolving very fast. Surfers keep pushing the limits with the help of new technology to stay as safe as possible.

We have seen more and more people starting to enter (and exit) the tubes of Jaws during the past 10 years.
The size and depth of the tube Justine Dupont caught this Saturday is completely unprecedented in Woman surfing.

At Belle Surf Cafe, we are proud that one of the Best Feminine Big Wave Surfers is French. Giving inspiration to millions of women in the world to push their limits and to show that anything a man can do a woman can too!

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I have taught and coached surf all around the world (France, Spain, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Costa Rica, California and more.) My question to the question “Is Maui a good place to learn Surfing?” I definitely a Yes!

Here are 7 reasons why Maui is one of the best place ever to learn how to surf:

1-Surf all year round

synchro duck dive under water surf

It is never flat here! The greatest advantage of being on an Island is that we catch swells coming from every direction. North, West, South and East.

There is nothing more frustrating then going on a surf trip and having to deal with an ocean as flat as a lake. This will never happen here!

Lahaina Town (where we are located) is famous for having the most consistent breaks of Maui. The North swells hit here during the winter while the South swells hit during the summer.

There is no need to worry about the forecast anymore, you will find waves on the island.

2-Small waves

Okay, if you google “Surf Maui” or “Waves Maui”,  you probably will find photos of giants waves like Peahi A.K.A “Jaws” or the beautiful barrels of Honolua Bay.

Do not let google image fool you. When the surf is big there is always parts of the coast that are protected from the big swells where you can find tiny friendly waves.

Most of the time the surf is waist high around Lahaina, which is the ideal size to learn surfing.

3-Good learning waves

Not only the size is ideal, but the way the waves break here is perfect.

Some waves can be too short, barely giving you time to stand up before you end up on the beach. Some can be too steep, making the nose of your board dive on every try. Lastly, some waves can be dangerous breaking too close to rocks or with very strong currents.

In Lahaina town Maui,  the wave are soft and mellow, easy to catch and avoid nosediving. The waves here are long, so once you stand up you have time to enjoy the ride and practice your turns! Most of the waves are safe, no strong currents or sketchy rocks to deal with.

4-Warm water

smile surfer paddle out soft top

Maybe you have tried surfing in California or another part of the U.S and hated it? Just putting a thick full body wetsuit in a cold parking lot already drained all your energy. Not to mention, now you have to paddle out with this suit that makes every movement twice as hard?

Or perhaps you have experienced feeling like Mr Michelin because this same suits does not fit you perfect and your body is now composed of 250% of water instead of the usual 60%!

You probably finished off your session frozen to the bone, not feeling your hands and feet, unable to warm up for hours until you finally have access to a hot shower and fresh cloth?

Well, do not let this experience discourage you! Learning surfing in Maui is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 ! Take your shirt off, put some reef safe sunscreen on and you are ready to go.

5-Lots of great Surf schools

Surfing is not just a sport or an activity, in Hawaii it is a lifestyle and a part of our culture.

Because of this, everyone opens up surf schools! It is a dream job to spend the day in the water surfing and sharing your passion.

With the amount of surf schools on the island, finding availability for a surf lesson will never be an issue.

We definitely recommend our friends “Outrageous Surfschool” and “Keep It simple Surf school” for a unforgettable experience surfing in the Lahaina area.

6-It’s a one time opportunity!

I mean, you are in Hawaii! This is where surfing was born centuries ago. Like I said, it’s part of the culture, and everyone does it.

Make the best of your trip and go back home with no regrets. Otherwise, you will have to come back! (You probably will anyways 🙂 )

7-Small crowds

No, you will not be alone out there, and you will need to learn to share the space with other surfers. Compare this to other places like Waikiki, Oahu. The surf spots on Maui have very small crowds.
You will catch plenty of waves without risking hitting someone or getting hit by someone!

Pre surf breakfast avocado toast


In short, to answer the question, is Maui a good place to learn surfing? No, it’s not a “good place”, it is the perfect place! Come over learn to surf, you will not regret it.

Also, please do not forget about us! Remember, we are the closest Cafe from the Surf-breaks in Lahaina.  We would be happy to recommend what you might want to eat before or after surfing.

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Are you aching for a change of scenery from your everyday life of quarantine? This pandemic has gone on much longer than any of us could have ever imagined! Although we know that staying home is the safest option, I am here to share some knowledge and advice with you on traveling to Hawaii during COVID.

What do you need to do before traveling to Hawaii?

I recently traveled from Maui to the mainland and back over the holidays. This was an interesting experience and one that was not as simple as I thought it would be. Purchasing a ticket and hoping on a plane is not enough anymore! To travel you will need to fulfill.

First things first, you must register for the Safe Travels program online. This will be your account for anything related to traveling to Hawaii during COVID. Next thing, you must get a test that is Hawaii State Approved from one of the “trusted testing and travel partners”. You must take COVID tests within 72 hours of departure. Something to keep in mind is that Hawaii only accepts the Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT).

Once you have received your test results, you must upload the PDF version of it to your Safe Travels account. I highly recommend printing out your results, just in case they ask for it in the arrival line at the airport.

Last but not least, twenty-four hours before your flight, you must take the health questionnaire in your Safe Travels account. Once you complete this, a QR code will be give to you. Save that for your arrival to Hawaii.

What if your results are not ready by the time of your flight? Then, you are required to quarantine until your results are in. However if you do not take a COVID test, you will be mandated to a 10 day quarantine.

Now that your test has been sorted, you can get onto the fun part of traveling and packing your bags for Maui

What is it like in Hawaii right now?

Hawaii is a very dreamy place. Warm, tropical weather year round, crystal clear blue water with turtles and whales swimming, and outdoor activities for everyone! This past year, there was a major decline in tourism due to this pandemic. The beaches have been empty! What an enticing time to take a trip here!

After visiting the mainland and experiencing a true lockdown, I realized how nice we have had it on the island! With most of our daily activities being outdoors, you see people constantly as they are doing the same types of activities.

Restaurants are at 50% capacity, which means you can still go out to eat, just with safety in mind! At Belle Surf Cafe, we have a beautiful and shaded outdoor terrace where you will be able to enjoy your drinks and meals in an open air environment. 

Hawaii is much more inviting compared to the rest of the country. We have warm weather during the winter, and we are not on a lockdown.

To keep it this way, we appreciate you staying at a safe distance. Wearing masks, and doing your best to reduce the risk of spreading any germs.

Do locals support the reopening of Hawaii?

Hawaii first “closed down” in April of 2020.  As a result, those who still chose to travel here had to do a long 14 day quarantine. To give you an idea…here on Maui, we have one main hospital, with a total of 31 ICU beds. We share our hospital with our neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai. What does this mean?

Unfortunately, we do not have the type of capacity to handle a massive outbreak. With the reopening of the islands, there are many different views and opinions about accepting tourists here.

We appreciate you coming and supporting our community especially when we need it the most. However, there are a few simple things that you can do to help gain the “respect” of the community when visiting.

  1. Wearing a mask- this is very important for your safety, and the ones surrounding you.
  2. Keep at a safe distance. It is much appreciated to distance yourself from others, and keep the groups to a minimum.
  3. Free Voluntary COVID Test- there is a free COVID test for anyone on the island!  There are many events between the testing time and arriving to the island where you could be exposed. Upon your arrival it is recommended to take a COVID test. This will help reduce the spread and keep our islands safe.

In conclusion, traveling to Hawaii during COVID is definitely worth it! Hawaii is filled with life, if we compare to most places in the world right now! The i happy and lucky to live in such a beautiful place, despite such difficult times.

We welcome you with open arms. And we hope that you join us with respect and kindness to keep our community safe. That way we can keep inviting people in!

Mahalo for your kokua.

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Fitness and health gurus around are declaring the unheard of, that fat is GOOD! Of course, there are different kinds of fats, good and bad, just like anything else in this world. But its been shown that our health can actually benefit when consuming these good fats. Hence, the bulletproof coffee phenomenon was born. It has been making a big move in the coffee world lately, but what exactly is it?

Hot coffee, preferably a medium roast + unsalted, grass fed butter + organic coconut oil.

Throw it all into a blender and mix until a beautiful froth is formed and you have got yourself the best cup of bulletproof coffee you have ever had. You might be thinking, why would anyone blend hot coffee? Its well known that oil and water (aka coffee) do not mix. In order to make sure they do not separate, and that the fats and coffee coexist in a perfectly balanced cup of coffee, blending the ingredients is essential.

This cup of coffee is not only loaded with good fats, but also loaded with amazing benefits.

We are talking increased cognitive brain function, improved memory, longer lasting and increased energy (compared to your regular cup of joe), and boosted metabolism levels.

This cup of coffee is maybe one of the healthiest things that you will put in your body all day. Do not knock it till you try it!

We are proudly featuring our own variation of bulletproof coffee on the menu here at Belle Surf Café. We are the only café in the Lahaina, West side, area that is serving it. Come on in and try it for yourself, we are positive you will finally fall in love with fat.

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1 In Hawaii you wake up early

In Hawaii you wake up early, 5:30am. The rooster is your alarm clock and it means real life has started, the island life.

You zombie walk into the kitchen and make a cup of coffee (Belle Surf Cafe offers a bunch of different single origin beans that you can buy (grinded or whole).

Jump into your outside shower and take a refreshing cold tropical shower surrounded by palm trees, yellow hibiscus and red ginger – (Note: we just tried the shea butter, turmeric, kola & reishi, coconut chai shower gel, you’ll love it!)

Your coffee is ready, drink it!

2 You can drink coffee outside in the morning

In Hawaii you can enjoy your morning cup outside every single day of the year; it’s the perfect temperature, never too hot or too cold. Starting off the day outside gives you an enjoyable breather and a boost of energy. Fresh air and delicious hot coffee, you’re ready to conquer the day.

3 You have a constant view

You have a constant view, whether it be the thriving jungle, the booming ocean, the swaying bananas trees or the lush mountains….its always a pleasing sight. Additionally you can hear the birds chirping and singing in the morning breeze, the waves breaking, the trees swaying; it all puts you in a good mood. You’re lucky to live in paradise, enjoy!

4 You can grab a cup to go at anytime

You can grab a cup to go at anytime of the day and enjoy it anywhere with anyone. Meet up with friends, write in your journal, take a yoga class, go on a hike, go on a quick surf sesh or just sit and read a book. Any activity is better with a good quality cup of coffee from Belle Surf.

5 In Hawaii there is Belle Surf

Because Belle Surf offers the best organic coffee in Hawaii and it’s a must try! Baristas are always ready to serve you with a smile and an aloha spirit.

Small batch of fresh coffee arrived every week and you’re going to hang outing a cute surf/boheme/beach cafe.

You’re lucky to drink coffee in Hawaii, take a breath, relax, you’re in Paradise!

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Here at Belle Surf, local is everything to us. Being a local business on the island ourselves, we know the importance and appreciate those that choose to support local business and products.

We have a retail section in the café, where we have a variety ranging from tea towels, soaps, and candles, to shirts, onesies, and books to choose from. All items are coming from local artists on either Maui or any of the other Hawaiian island.

Aloha Apothecary is a company based off of Oahu where they promote and sell organic and all natural beauty products. They are a sustainably and environmentally friendly company, using recycled materials and transforming them into their beautiful packaging.

Their options range from cleansers, lip balms, moisturizers, various hair products, and even baby safe products. Most are originating from Hawaiian retailers, with some coming from California. We love that they are not only supporting the “little guys” in a big corporate world, but making the Earth healthier and most definitely good looking as well.

Thank you Aloha Apothecary for the local love! They recently posted about us being the “Must Stop” coffee shop on Maui. 

If you haven’t stopped in to Belle Surf, it is even proven to be a MUST. Come visit us and let us make your day a little more aloha filled with a yummy cup of coffee or a delicious crepe.

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Matcha is taking over. Like no, seriously, it’s everywhere.

If you aren’t apart of this craze lately, you better get on that bandwagon real fast. It can be found literally anywhere and truly in anything. It has been grown, cultivated, harvested, and used since the 10th century throughout Asia but is now found worldwide. Traditionally, it was brewed into a tea using hot water with salt added as a finishing touch. It was/is popular among Buddhist monks who find the drink to bring mental clarity and aiding them during meditation.

But today, not only can you find matcha drinks just about everywhere you look,  it’s recently been used in various food items such as ice cream, pancakes, mochi, pasta, cookies, crepes, buttercream, even jelly. You name it, matcha can be added to it.

It’s no surprise that matcha is making headlines in the food and beverage industry, there are tons of added benefits to the powder green tea, some even say it has the ability to aid towards the prevention of cancer!

Here at Belle Surf, we prefer to prepare our matcha more towards the traditional side of things, but of course with a Belle Surf twist. A coconut milk matcha frappe is a barista favorite, with either local honey or vanilla syrup added in as an additional touch of sweetness. Hot or cold, blended or steamed, matcha does not disappoint. We are always happy to try it in any drink that interests you. Come in and try it for yourself!!

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Every year, the best surfer girls in the world meet in Maui for the last event of the World Surf League Championship Tour, Maui Pro, an event you do not want to miss! Why is that? Watching surIing from your screen can be entertaining and impressive, but wait until you step onto the cliff of a magical place called Honolua Bay.

From this cliff, you can feel the power of the ocean and it is a very humbling experience. Local surfers know the break like the back of their hand, and will put on a quite a show, making the ocean more entertaining to watch. Surfers travel the world in chase of waves that can offer them long rides in glassy conditions, and the ultimate goal is to Iind “barreling waves”. A wave so perfect that you can enter the tube, get surrounded by water for a few seconds until you make it out, or… get crushed on the reef! The Bay of Honolua is a surfer’s paradise, with very long rides and an amazing barrel section! Look at the photos on the right, yes there are two people inside of this barrel! There are few waves in the world that are good enough to allow two people to share this moment together.

When the Professional Women Surfers from all over the world travel to Maui to determine who is the best in the last contest of the year, the pressure is high. These women surf at their top level. This is a spectacle you want to add to your bucket list! Make sure to go there for sunset when the sun rays shine through the waves, creating hues of green and blue. Your chances of seeing a rainbow are pretty high too! 2020 has been a strange year for everyone, the world surf league has been especially affected by the travelling restrictions due to Covid-19.

Maui Pro

After canceling all of the events of the year, they managed to gather the staff and surfers for a contest that would determine who is the best female surfer of 2020! How exciting! The Iirst day of the competition was beautiful. The show was ON! Waves were great and the girls were on Iire! Another beautiful day at ‘The Bay’. Despite these pristine conditions, the cursed year of 2020 was not planning to give the World Surf League a break. On the morning of the second day of the contest, the women were practicing in the water and local surfers enjoying their home break.

Maui Pro

Unfortunately, a terrible incident occurred in the channel of Honolua Bay. A local and respected surfer of 56 years lost his life after getting bit on his leg by a tiger shark. With such a terrible incident, the WSL and the professionals are not feeling completely safe surIing a place where a 12 foot tiger shark has shown aggressive behavior. Shark incidents happens all around the world and surfers accept to take that risk every time they go into the ocean. There are plenty of measures that can be taken to reduce the risk, and surIing the same spot where a shark attack just happened is not one of them! This year, the Maui Pro Iinals will actually be held on a surf spot on Oahu as a safety measure.

Do not let this incident alarm you! Surfing in Maui is not as dangerous as it seems. This type of tragedy is very rare and something you do not need to be worried about.

On a brighter note, the surf breaks in front of Belle Surf Cafe are very safe! Our favorite spot ‘BreakWall’, offers ideal conditions for every level. The reason that this spot is so safe, is because the water is clear, waves are soft, and it’s shallow. This is not the type of environment where the tiger sharks like to roam.

Maui Pro

When you are visiting Maui, make sure to go watch the Maui Pro at Honolua Bay! The contest happens every year at the beginning of December, and if you cannot make it in time, do not worry, the locals surfers are extremely talented and will keep you entertained! After that, if you feel brave enough to confront the waves, come take a surf lesson in Lahaina! We will make you some Bulletproof Coffee to pump you up, and some good brunch to recover. Here are some basic tips & tricks with the ocean to help make your visit to Maui safe:

  1. Do not swim or surf in murky/brown ocean.
  2. Avoid swimming far from shore, or in very deep areas.
  3. Avoid swimming or surfing at dawn or dusk.
  4. The buddy system! Always be accompanied by a friend or relative when exploring the ocean. 

Maui Pro

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On the last blog, we spoke about how to pack your luggage for your trip to Hawaii. Of course, we mentioned sunscreen,
remember?! Your skin can be feeling pretty smooth on windy or rainy days, but do not be mistaken. If you do not apply sunscreen, you will end up looking like a lobster! It is important to make sure that you have sunscreen with you for this trip, but not any kind of sunscreen. Use Reef Safe Sunscreen!

It is important to make sure that you have sunscreen with you for this trip, but not any kind of sunscreen. Use Reef Safe Sunscreen!

Many sunscreens are not only bad for the reef, sea flora and fauna, but if you go jump in the rivers and enjoy the beautiful water falls (which is something you should definitely do! ) not only does that sunscreen end up in the ocean, but it will also pollute the water that local people use at home and even drink.
Hawaiians are extremely welcoming and friendly, but they do not appreciate having their water polluted and intoxicated
by visitors.

To help you have a very pleasant stay on our beautiful island, we would love to explain to you why sunscreens can be very damaging, and recommend certain brands that are safe to use:

It is important to make sure that you have sunscreen with you for this trip, but not any kind of sunscreen. Use Reef Safe Sunscreen!

Why are certain sunscreens bad?

1) They kill the reef!

Oxybenzone is found in many sunscreens. This ingredient breaks down coral, causing it to lose nutrients, turn ghostly white and often die. We need these coral reefs. They are an important part of the ecosystem for life underwater.
Thousands of species can be found living on one reef. From seaweed, algaes, mollusks, to bigger Kish and turtles, everyone needs the coral. If the coral dies, marine life dies. This does not not just effect the beauty of diving, but also the food source of many local Hawaiians. These corals also protect coastal areas by reducing the power of the waves hitting the coast. If the reef dies, the erosion will progress faster and faster.

It is important to make sure that you have sunscreen with you for this trip, but not any kind of sunscreen. Use Reef Safe Sunscreen!

2) Makes water undrinkable

Not many locals still use the river of the water as their drinking water, but some still do. It is reassuring and beautiful to know that some places in the world still have rivers pure enough to offer drinkable water. Not to mention,
local families are able to harvest this fresh water for their farms that they grow food and eat from. Let’s not ruin this by
leaking all these harmful chemicals from some sunscreens into these little slices of heaven.

3) Effects your health

Recent studies have shown that several active ingredients of different sunblocks enter the bloodstream at levels way superior of the FDA’s recommended threshold. There are not many studies that demonstrate how bad this can effect your health, but better be safe than sorry by using harmless and organic sunscreen.

Which Reef Safe Sunscreens should we use?

There are many different “Reef Safe” sunscreens out there. However, this term is not regulated, so it is always important
to double check the active ingredients to conKirm that it is not just placed as a marketing technique.

Chemicals you do NOT want in your sunscreen:

  • Oxybenzone
  • Octinoxate
  • Octocrylene
  • Homosalate
  • 4-methylbenzylidene camphor
  • PABA
  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
  • Any nanoparticles or “nano-sized” zinc or titanium
  • Any form of microplastic, such as “exfoliating beads”

Now that you know which chemicals to look out for, here is a list of a few of the sunscreen brand options that are safe for you and the environment!

  • Raw Elements
  • Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen
  • BioClarity
  • Sun Bum
  • Lahaina Organics Sunscreen ( sold in our shop! )
  • Avasol
  • Ola Sofia
  • Badger Suncreen
  • Little Hands Hawaii All natural and organic sunscreen
  • Kokua Suncare Hawaiian SPF 50 natural zinc sunscreen

Mahalo from the island of Maui for helping protect our reefs, animals, and the future generations to come!

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