If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you may have already been experimenting with plant-based milk alternatives for your coffee. Maybe you’re a vegan with your own preferences firmly in place. Or, you have a dairy allergy that is forcing you to change your diet. Either way, coffee can be delicious no matter which milk you are using! We have tried and tested many different drinks, so here is our list of the best coffee drinks with non dairy milk.

Milk can definitely impact the flavor of coffee along with the aesthetic. Modern coffees use steamed milk, in an attempt to produce a foam by ‘stretching’ the milk. Many coffees, such as the latte, cappuccino and flat white, all depend on this style of the milk to fulfil their criteria. When having a coffee with non dairy milk, there are a few pros and cons. Some drinks will taste better than others, but that is ok! You just need to find your favorite combination.

At Belle Surf Cafe, we offer many plant based milk alternatives :

Keep in mind this list may change depending on availability

Almond Milk
Soy Milk
Macadamia Nut Milk
Oat Milk

Oat Milk Hazelnut Latte

This drink is my newest favorite! Oat milk provides the creamiest texture (in my opinion) of all the plant based milks. It definitely tastes a bit “oaty”, but if that doesn’t bother you, then I would definitely give this one a try. I tend to like my coffee on the sweeter side. The Oat Milk Hazelnut Latte is the perfect balance with a bit of sweet, and a creamy milky texture. If you aren’t much of a sweet coffee drinker, then just remove the hazelnut and try the oat milk latte on its own.

Iced Nutella Latte with Almond Milk

Our Nutella Latte is one of the most popular drinks on the menu! It is definitely made for those with a major sweet tooth. Want to sub with a plant based milk? No problem! We can customize any drink for you. Try our Nutella Latte iced, with almond milk! This delicious treat will leave you wanting another one! Keep in mind, if you are strictly vegan, Nutella does contain animal derived ingredients.

Spiced Lavender Mocha with Soy milk

Our Spiced Lavender Mocha is one of our specialty drinks, another very popular one! We make our own fresh, home made lavender syrup. Soy milk is voted to be one of the best milk alternatives because it doesn’t effect the flavor of the coffee. With this drink, we really want you to be able to taste the delicious lavender syrup and espresso, so we recommend soy milk! Originally this drink comes with regular milk, so don’t forget to ask for your milk preference!

Dirty Chai with Macadamia Nut Milk

Many reading this may be wondering what Macadamia Nut Milk is?! This is a dairy free milk alternative made by blending soaked macadamia nuts with water. Macadamia milk has a rich, smooth texture. It serves as a creamy substitute for cow’s milk. We love our Dirty Chai with Macadamia Nut Milk! If you are in Hawaii (home of the Macadamia Nuts) you should definitely try this milk!

Oat Milk Latte with Honey

Looking for a creamy latte with a tiny bit of sweetener? We love an oat milk latte with honey! Honey is not vegan, but it can be substituted for something else. Let us know what you think about this tasty yet simple drink!

There are many different options with coffee drinks. Some people like their coffee black, others want all the bells and whistles with it. Then, there is always someone in-between! With all of the options and alternatives, there is bound to be a favorite for everyone!

Here are a few tips :

Foaming dairy free milk– The foam with any dairy free milk, will unfortunately not have the same consistency with that of cows milk. Be easy on your barista! He or she is doing her best to foam that milk, but don’t be surprised if they are unable to successfully make that pretty latte art.

Cappuccinos with dairy free milk- Cappuccinos are half coffee, half foam. A typical cappuccino is made with whole milk, and the foam is made precisely to balance with the coffee. Unfortunately, after steaming thousands of milks, I can inform you that the cappuccino is not the same with a plant based milk. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your cappuccino! Just expect the texture to be a little bit different.

We recommend trying all the dairy free milk alternatives, and discovering your favorite one! Each taste preference is different, and one might not like what the other does. Have fun with it, and we guarantee you will discover your favorite drink! We hope that our list of the best coffee drinks with non dairy milk helps you discover your favorite!

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Maui is a very laid back place, and for the most part, people who live here are friendly, helpful, and welcoming to visitors. We love sharing the beauty and joys of our island. Especially to visitors who are polite and respectful of the Hawaiian Culture and land.  Life on Maui is definitely different from where you are accustomed to. Sometimes the best part of traveling, is diving into new cultures and stepping out of your comfort zone. I have gathered some travel tips Maui visitors in Maui in order to make your stay more welcome.

My helpful tips will earn you a smile of approval from those who live here. Maybe you will even get a friendly “shaka”!

Hawaii Time

Hawaiian time is a way of life on the islands. You will hear locals refer to things being done on “Hawaiian time” or “Maui time.” Life tends to move a lot slower here. Although we may set a specific time for something, most people aren’t as punctual as those on the mainland. And that is okay!  Make sure to be patient with this laid-back island approach to time. Hawaii is a small chain of islands. We like to drive slow, and not feel too rushed. That’s part of the beauty here. You will probably leave feeling refreshed!

No more plastic bags!

Plastic shopping bags are now prohibited on Maui. Unfortunately they were flying all over the island with the strong winds and nesting in the trees. This was a huge problem on the environment! Now, stores no longer provide them. Did you know that they will be fined if they do?! Maui shopkeepers will not ask you “paper or plastic?” Instead, they will offer you a paper bag or ask if you brought your own or need any bag at all. We highly encourage you to bring in your own reusable shopping bag. Either that, or re-use the brown paper bag that was used for a previous grocery run. Anyone trying to better the environment will be very appreciated here.

Shoes off at the door

It is customary when visiting a local’s home to remove your shoes and leave them just outside the door. You know you will be entering a good party when you see a pile of shoes outside the entrance! Some businesses, condos, and vacation homes might also ask you to honor this custom, and it is very polite for you to do so.  Sometimes it is also acceptable to place your shoes just inside the front door instead of outside. Don’t forget to remove your shoes before entering a local home! You will even get used to a lot of the local residents being barefoot frequently. Don’t be alarmed! It’s just that surfer island lifestyle

Hawaiian culture

Native Hawaiians are very proud of their rich history and culture. Hawaiian culture is unique in all the world. Visiting Maui, you will be exposed to Hawaiian language and music, see hula dancers, hear chants, and see various Hawaiian arts and crafts. Locals love when visitors show a genuine interest and respect for the historical and cultural aspects of this island. There are many opportunities to learn about and experience authentic cultural traditions on Maui. This will enhance your visit and make it all the more memorable. We recommend participating in a cultural activity while you’re here and be respectful toward Hawaii’s cultural traditions.

Respecting the environment

Hawaii’s land and sea environment is fragile. We ask that you keep this in mind as you are enjoying your vacation. People and endangered animals and species call this their home.  Much too often, especially this past year, we have seen people come from around the world and treat the environment poorly.

Here are a few pointers to help out :

Dispose of your trash properly Don’t leave cigarette butts or any trash for that matter on the beach.
Wear reef safe sunscreen– This one is incredibly important! Many, many sunscreen brands contain chemicals that are very harmful to the ocean, coral reefs, and its animals. Hawaii has ban two chemicals in sunscreen that have been proven bad. However, we are finding that there are still many harmful chemicals inside these sunscreens. Mineral sunscreens with titanium oxide or zinc oxide are reef friendly choices. Check out this list for some safe options! 
Don’t take any lava rock! This is considered bad luck.
Don’t touch the turtles or seals! These beautiful and endangered animals swim and roam freely on the islands. You will be ever so lucky to see them! It is our job to keep at least 10 feet of distance. I know it is tempting to get close for some photos or to pet them. However, this can be so harmful and startling to the animal! You can also get fined up to $10,000!
Recycle! Believe it or not, Hawaii doesn’t have the best recycling system. You will see many recycle bins on the streets of California and other states, but Hawaii unfortunately doesn’t have this luxury. What is recycled, is then shipped to Asia to start the actual recycling process. In the end, it is better to avoid all plastics when possible. However, you can collect your recyclables and bring them to the dumps located in multiple towns on island!

Aloha and Mahalo

“Aloha” (ah-LOW-hah) can mean “hello” or “goodbye” depending on the circumstance. “Mahalo” (mah-HAH-low) is “thank you.” You will often hear these words on Maui. You can’t go wrong with these two words! Say “aloha” to people, respond in kind when it is said to you, and thank people with a sincere “mahalo.” It is totally okay to say “aloha” and “mahalo”!

Well, did these travel tips for visitors in Maui help? We sure hope so! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! We love sharing our island and advice with all of you beautiful people. Thank you for taking the time to read this and help make a positive impact on our islands!

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Are your parents coming to visit you in Hawaii? Or, are you coming on vacation together?! Either way, I’m sure you are wondering what fun activities there might be to include mom and dad! Well, don’t worry… there are so many things to do that you will never get bored! Anything from relaxing on the beach to exhilarating adventures, Maui has it all! Here is a list of fun things to do in Maui with parents.


Going ziplining is a fun activity that is suitable for mostly all ages! Hopefully you aren’t too afraid of heights! Take mom and dad on a fun adventure through the lush mountains of Maui! Kapalua Zipline’s is West Maui’s only ALL dual-line course. They offer the longest ziplines, breathtaking views, a thrilling ATV ride and a spectacular 360 foot suspension bridge. Tours sellout sometimes weeks in advance so book early!

Helicopter Tours

Another fun and exciting activity would be a helicopter tour! These tours are incredibly comfortable, equipped with AC, tinted windows, panoramic views, and comfortable seating. They will provide you with noise canceling headphones that play relaxing Hawaiian music.

We highly recommend booking a tour with Sunshine Helicopters! This is our favorite helicopter tour company in Hawaii. They have many different tours to choose from, depending on what you would like to see!

Maui Chocolate Coffee Tours

Do your parents love chocolate? What about coffee?! Well, why not book a tour with Maui Chocolate Coffee Tours! Located Upcountry at Kupa’a Organic Farms, you can make a day trip out here with your tour. We definitely recommend spending the rest of the day exploring what this part of the island has to offer!

Wine Tasting

Are your parents wine lovers? Have you ever been wine tasting on a tropical island? You may definitely want to visit Maui Wine at Ulupalakua Vineyards! Open since 1974 and located in Kula, MauiWine produces wines made from estate-grown grapes, pineapple, and raspberries. Make a reservation for the King’s Cottage. Enjoy wine by the glass, wine flights, wine cocktails, and pupu. Discover an elevated way to see and taste Maui.

The Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is always lovely. You can either do an entire day, camp, or spend the night at a hotel! If your parents get carsick, then this is probably not the right choice. However, it is totally worth the spectacular views, waterfalls, and scenery! Hana is the most lush and green part of Maui. Don’t forget to bring a camera!

Hawaiian Luau

If you are looking for a cultural Hawaiian experience, a luau is definitely the way to go! Your parents will be entertained all night with hula dancing, fire dancing, traditional music and Hawaiian food. Click here for our luau recommendations. 

Whale Watching

Our final recommendation for today is Whale Watching!

Every year, the Humpback Whales travel to Hawaii to birth their young. If you are going to be on Maui during the winter months, there will be hundreds them in the water. This is something you don’t want to miss! Suited for all ages, these magical creatures can be seen up close and personal on a Whale Watching Tour. You can find these tours on the Westside or South Side of Maui. Early morning, or sunset is the best time!

If you happen to see whale’s from the beach, stick your head under the water and go for a swim! You may be lucky enough to hear their music.

Snorkeling and relaxing on the beach

Sometimes, the whole point of a vacation is to sit back and relax. As many people like to stay occupied the entire duration, others are exhausted from work and want to take it easy. Nothing is wrong with that! Hawaii is the best place to relax. With our pristine beaches, crystal clear water, and white sand you are bound to enjoy yourself. Typically your rental or resort will provide you with snorkel gear. And if not, local surf shops or snorkel shops will rent you what you need with your fitted size. Grab a towel, some reef safe sunscreen, and your snorkel gear and head to the beach!

Having trouble deciding what to pack in your bags for Maui? Check out our packing list here! 

Maui is such a beautiful and fun place! Whether you live or vacation here, it’s also best to make sure your parents are happy! Lucky, all of the activities on the island are fun and there is always something for anyone of any age. We hope you enjoyed our list of fun things to do in Maui with parents.

A Hui Ho!

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The second-largest Hawaiian island is a plethora of rainforests, sandy beaches and mountains. Maui’s nickname is “The Valley Isle” because it sits between two mountains, offering vacationers the opportunity to see true beauty in the raw. We have listed some fun facts about the island of Maui to get you excited for your trip!

Maui offers 30 miles of pristine beaches

Not all of the beaches on Maui are white or golden sand. We also have red and black sand beaches! Taking time to explore the island will result in seeing many different types of landscape. You will be in awe! I guess you could consider Maui a fairly small island, however the bio diversity will truly surprise you! In order to see the black or red sand beaches, you will need to take a day (or 2) on the Road to Hana. Hana is the lush, green rainforest in Maui. Hana has many different activities to offer such as hiking, bamboo forests, camping or hotels, waterfalls, beaches, and more!

Maui is the second-largest Hawaiian island

Although Maui is the second-largest Hawaiian island, if you are traveling from the mainland where you can road trip for as far and long as you want, it still may seem like a small island. Maui has a land area of 735 square miles, is 48 miles long and 26 miles wide.

A question I get asked frequently : how long would it take to drive around the entire island?

You can definitely drive around the whole island of Maui, and you could do this in an entire day. It would probably take around 12 hours including stopping and hiking. However, I would probably take a couple of days to do this, so that you can stop and enjoy the scenery and activities. There is plenty of camping, so make sure to scout the spots in advance to prepare your trip accordingly.

A popular attraction in Maui is the “Road to Hana”

This 45-mile stretch of road with 54 one-lane bridges and more than 600 tighter-than-ever turns is breathtaking! Bring a camera and snap pictures of the many waterfalls, pools, and the exceptional views! Some like to take a day trip to Hana, others like to stay a night or two and enjoy without rush. Personally, I have done the one day trip many times and it can be very exhausting. Next time around I will be camping or staying in a quaint resort to take some time to enjoy this beautiful place!

The largest dormant volcano in the world is Haleakala

Haleakala crater is 21 miles across and 4,000 feet deep. In comparison, the entire island of Manhattan could fit inside. Resting at a whopping 10,000 foot elevation, you will feel as though you have landed on Mars! The sunrise at Haleakala summit is incredibly popular, however it can be enjoyed at anytime of the day. With different hikes (for all levels), birdwatching, history, and views, you will be happy you came! Don’t forget some warm clothes, especially if you will be watching the sunrise! It can get to freezing temperatures up there!

The Banyan Tree

Fun face : the banyan tree in Lahaina was just 8 feet tall when it was brought to Maui from India. Now this tree stands more than 60 feet tall and takes up a whole block of land! You can watch concerts and enjoy arts activities under the shade of this magnificent tree. Enjoy an ice cream while taking a break from the hot sun! This tree is located on Front Street, Lahaina…. right across from Belle Surf Cafe! Come say hello and grab some food or coffee from our menu

Maui’s largest waterfall

Maui has some insane helicopter tours! Are you itching to see Maui’s largest waterfall?! Well, if you take a ride in a helicopter, you can see it from above! You will actually be lucky enough to see all that we cannot access on foot. Honokohau Falls, is a whopping 1,100 feet high and is located in the West Maui Mountains. Check here for more info on Helicopter tours! 

Ocean temperature

The average ocean temperature surrounding Maui is 78 degrees Fahrenheit! Yes, we are very spoiled! There are so many different types of ocean activities to be done. Surfing, swimming, snorkeling, stand up paddling, diving, and so much more! Make sure to take precautions and wear your reef safe sunscreen! Maui has an abundance of marine wildlife, and it is our job to watch from a distance. Make sure to respect these beautiful creatures so they don’t become endangered or extinct!

No billboards

Last but not least…. there are no billboards in Maui! The Outdoor Circle, an environmental group, led the campaign to ban billboards in Hawaii in the 1920s. Billboards can tend to give a city / advertisement kind of vibe to a place. Maui has an incredible amount of beauty to be watched even while driving in the car. There are the lower roads, and the small 1-2 lane highways. I think we all have to agree it’s pretty nice that they decided no billboards!

Well, those were some awesome fun facts about the island of Maui for you! We hope you are getting excited for your next trip here. Give us a follow on Instagram, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our amazing Valley Isle!

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Now that you know how to make delicious Espresso at home, it’s time to find the perfect coffee beans for your liking! Here is a selection of the best coffee for espresso you can buy online.

It can be difficult to figure out the technique for making the perfect Espresso. When I got my first Espresso machine, it was very frustrating not being able to make an Espresso as intense and flavorful as the one’s in a Coffee Shop.

After trying different temperatures and measurements, I finally figured out that my coffee beans were not meant for espresso!

As you already know, if you have been reading our blogs, Espresso is the base of most coffee. To become a great coffee maker you need to be able to make good Espresso!

The difference between an Espresso and other coffees is that it is brewed under very high pressure. But not only this, to get a delicious espresso you will need a specific type of beans:

Dark Roast

Roasting is a heat process that turns coffee into the fragrance. Lighter roasts have more acidity than darker roasts. Light roasted beans are dry, while darker roasts develop oil on the bean surface.

Dark roast is a favorite for Espresso making. Some of the more popular designations for a dark roast include French Roast, Italian Roast, Espresso Roast, Continental Roast, New Orleans Roast, and Spanish Roast.

At the end, everyone has different preferences, the most liked coffee for Espresso in the U.S and Europe is definitely a dark or medium-dark roast. But if you like your coffee with more acidity then you will probably prefer a lighter roasting.

The Roast is definitely one of the most important factors when choosing your coffee beans. However, there is much more to it! Origin, type, aromas and roasting method.

After all it all depends of each individuals preferences. Our best advice to get started in coffee making it’s to try them all and figure out which one is made for you!

Now that you know a little bit more about Espresso and Coffee Beans, here is our selection that you can easily purchase online

1-Coffee Bean Direct Super Dark Espresso Beans

As the name says, this coffee bean is super dark. Ideal for drinkers who love intense and bitter flavor. But definitely not the best fit for new Espresso drinker.

Coffee Bean Direct Super Dark Espresso Beans are a subtile blend of beans from South America and India. Featuring notes of licorice, baker’s chocolate and molasses.

This extra dark roast will allow you to create some of the most intense and flavorful coffee you can taste.

On the downside, this creates extremely oily beans that will require you to clean your Espresso Machine More regularly.


2-Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Dark Roast Espresso Beans 

More adapted to most Espresso Drinkers, this coffee is slow roasted to bring out maximum flavors.

What we love the most about this 100% Arabica coffee is that it can be used for all types of coffee making and will be appreciated by amateur coffee drinkers and experienced coffee lovers!

On top of that, it has a 100% non-GMO certification and is certified to balance the economic relationship between farmers and sellers.

3-Dark Roast Pick-Verena Street Shot Tower Espresso Beans

Another Arabica bean, Arabica is a type of Coffee, and represents 60% of coffee sold in the world.

It is a global favorite due to a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness. This also has delicious chocolatey, fruity and nutty notes.

Most Arabica that are found on the market are certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance.

Dark Roast Pick-Verena Street Shot Tower Espresso Beans is a mix of different beans sources with different levels of roasting. They have not yet disclosed their secret recipe! But it is definitely delicious!

It offers some of the freshest cups of dark espresso with a unique flavor profile.


In Conclusion

This is a great start to discover and experiment with your new Espresso Machine, but do not limit yourself to these 3 products.

The Market is full of different Coffee Bean, different roast, types and flavors! Have fun discovering a world of flavors to enjoy your favorite drink.

At Belle Surf Cafe we have worked hard to find our perfect blend of coffee. A recipe that fits perfectly to the Hawaiian climate and the meals we serve. Stop by our Cafe and come discover what is definitely our favorite coffee!

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When coming to Maui there is a lot to explore and discover. Your eyes, skin, ears and nose will be in constant ecstasy. But do not leave your taste buds and stomach behind! In this tropical island you will find fresh tropical fruits that you cannot find in you average market! Here is a list of our 5 favorite exotics fruits on Maui that you must try.

If you pay close attention to the photos, you may even find some of those fruits in the wild during a hike!

Apple Bananas

Yes, we know that you find banana pretty much everywhere nowadays, but have you tried the apple banana? This banana is sweet with a rich tangy flavor very different than the ones you are used too. Much smaller and chubbier than a classic banana, they quickly ripe so make sure to buy some yellow ones for today and some green ones for tomorrow!

Their name comes from the slight apple taste they get when too immature.

Bring them to the beach for after surf, or make delicious smoothies with them for breakfast. Once you have tasted those delights it will be hard to go back to the usual ones.


Again, you will find mango everywhere, but there is nothing better than a  perfectly ripe mango freshly picked from the tree! Most of the mango you have tried on the mainland have been picked very early to be able to handle the long trip from Central America.

There are more than 63 different varieties of mango in Hawaii. Including Rapoza, Haizen, Mapulehu, Gouveia and more!

You can pick them off the tree in the late summer and fall. This delicious sweet and juicy fruit is ideal for making juices or adding to greek yogurt with some passion fruit.



Also known as Passion Fruit. Chances of finding them in local gardens are pretty high! This fruit is grown on beautiful vines, ideal to decorate your yards fence while getting some juicy delight at the same time!

Eating a Lilikoi can be a bit more tricky. The easiest way is too slice it in half with a knife and use a spoon to eat the inside. The seed can be a bit crunchy but are meant to be eaten, since it is way to much work to separate them from the flesh.

Their intense taste makes them a great addition to any juice, yogurt bowl or smoothies.


Strawberry Guava

You certainly know the famous guavas, you can find this delicious fruit freshly picked in Maui.  But “Strawberry Guava” are definitely more unique and chances to find them on a hike are higher than finding them at a market! This delicious little fruit is all over the island. Originally from South America, this plant is considered invasive in Hawaii.

But it is a real pleasure to find a tree full of delicious fruits during a hike! You can bite in it straight off the tree or collect them to make juices or jam.


My favorite fruit! unfortunately the season is very short, only a month at the end of June – beginning of May.

During the season you can find them everywhere, they are extremely abundant! These juicy red sweets are one of Hawaii’s favorite! Peel the skin off with your teeth and finger, put it in your mouth and spit the pit!

If you find the perfect lychee, big, ripped, juicy and with a tiny pit, you will never stop looking for more. These delights are an amazing snack during a lazy day tanning on the side of a waterfall!

Obviously there is WAY more than our 5 favorite exotics fruits on Maui! Pineapples, star fruits, dragon fruits, mountain apples etc.. but we can not give away all the surprises our island has to offer! Come visit and explore the markets of Lahaina, Paia and Makawao!

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When traveling to the Island of Maui, you will definitely want to bring back the most beautiful photos and memories with your loved ones, here is a short guide of our 5 best spots to do photography in Maui.

As you probably already know if you have been reading our blog, Maui is one of the most beautiful Islands of the Hawaiian archipelago, and you can get amazing photographs in pretty much any corner of this Island.

But if you want to create a memory of a lifetime with your loved ones, it will need some preparation and anticipation.

If you yourself are an amateur photographer or if you are planning to hire a professional, it is important to understand why some locations are better than others.

To help you understand this blog, here is some basic knowledge that is good to know about photography:


Lighting is Key!

Any hour near sunset or sunrise will offer you a nice soft and low light, creating nice defining shadows on the face of your models without bringing to much unnecessary / anesthetics details. Definitely avoid the middle of the day.

It is hard to get ready and look good for a sunrise photoshoot, looking beautiful and awake at 6 pm is a real challenge! This is why most photoshoots happen around sunset time, to give you time to do you hair and makeup!

If shooting during sunset, it is recommended to find a beach that is not facing directly West, otherwise the sun glare on the water will be extremely strong and achieving this beautiful group portrait with the Ocean in the back will be a real challenge.

Deep and uncrowded background

Once you figured out your lighting, remember that the background matters! Do not forget that you are in Maui, you definitely want to showcase the magical surroundings.

A long beach, a point of view or a magnificent rain forest are without doubt the best types of locations you can find on this island!

At sunset time beaches can get really crowded. If you do not want some kids and swimmers “photobombing” your background, the best options will be to find an uncrowded location. Shoot at sunrise, or hire a professional photographer such as thehawaiianlifestylestudio that will be able to work around the crowd and also photoshop people out of the photo!


Now that you know the bases about what makes a location photograph friendly, here is our 5 favorite locations:



IronWood Beach:

Located on the West side of Maui, 10 minutes North of Lahaina, this beach is a perfect sunset location.  Offering unbelievable sunsets. This beach is facing north, which means you will not have too much sun glare on the water and can get beautiful portraits with the ocean in the background.

On top of that, the beach offers lots of diversity: a beautiful coastal trail, cliffs overlooking the ocean, and of course a beautiful white sand beach with clear blue water!

The access is pretty easy and only takes a 2 minute walk from the parking lot.

The only inconvenience of this beach is that it get really crowded. With weddings and photographers at sunset time, finding a parking spot can be difficult. The beach is really big and you will easily find a spot  away from the crowd to get your perfect shot!

Also it can get really windy, making the ladies hair fly! if you want to avoid crowds and wind, than we recommend that you wake up early


Honolua Bay Rain Forest:

Not really a secret location either, but damn it’s beautiful! Straight out of a fairy tale, it’s a perfect romantic and unique location.

Easy to access, only 15 minutes north of Lahaina. It offers an insane amount of beautiful trees, logs, palms and flowers to use as backgrounds and props!

Let you creativity take over, climbing the trees, playing with the roots, running on the paths etc.!

Again we recommend going when the light is softer. Otherwise the high contrast between sun spots and shade will be hard to work with.

If you are planning to do a long photoshoot, mosquito repellent is also recommended!



Haleakala National Park

It is way more more work to plan a photoshoot up there! Long drive and cold weather or part of this mission!

Our two first locations are definitely much easier to access and make happens. But if you are a real photo hunter, what is better than shooting over the clouds?

Not only, you will be floating on top of clouds, sitting on a mountain that looks like Mars. But on top of that you will have a 360 degree view letting you experiment with all light angles.

Haleakala means  “House of the Sun,”and is a sacred place, unlike anything you’ve witnessed before. Observing the sunrise break through the crater is a unique experience. Make sure to book a reservation for sunrise access!




Ulua Beach

If looking for the classic Hawaiian tropical look, Ulua beach is the place!

Beautiful calm beach with palm trees in the background. Cute boardwalks and hidden coves makes it a perfect location for a family shoot.

Located in the south shore near Wailea. We recommend going there at sunset time for the best lighting and a sky painted in soft orange and pink pastel colors.



Surf shoot

Make it different! Book a surf shoot!

If you are a more adventurous style, and like to do things differently, try booking a surf shoot with the Hawaiian Lifestyle Studio

Bring or rent the most beautiful surfboard you can find, and be ready to get wet!

Start on the beach by posing with our without your board, and continue your way into the ocean. Playing with the water, sitting and relaxing on your board and of course surfing!

Launiupoko is the perfect location for this, small friendly waves all year, beautiful beach park, and most importantly an astonishing view on the west Maui mountains in the Background!


So have you decided where you will plan your next photoshoot? Make sure to grab a coffee at Belle Surf Cafe to have your eyes fully open during morning shoots!












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There are many different types of malls and big named brands to shop here on Maui. But what if you are looking for something different? Hiding behind the big brands, are some beautifully curated boutiques, coffee shops, and artists just waiting to be discovered! Each part of the island has adorable towns, all different in their own unique way. I am going to list my favorite 3 authentic streets to visit in Maui.

Front Street, Lahaina

Front Street, Lahaina is a very popular location for shopping, dining, and other activities. However, if you look beneath the most commonly sought out spots, you will find some hidden gems. Here are a few :

Farmer’s Market Lahaina at Jodo Mission 

This adorable farmer’s market takes place on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month between 4-7 PM. Located at Lahaina Jodo Mission (near Baby Beach). Here you will find delicious food, locally grown fruits and veggies, as well as local artists.

You can check their Facebook page for updates or changes on the schedule.

Goin Left Surf Shop

Looking for popular swimwear brands from Hawaii or around the globe? What about a surfboard shaped by a local shaper? Well this surf shop is as cute as a surf shop can get! There are many different local artists featured in here. You can find gifts to bring home to family and friends! Goin Left also has a wide variety of household items such as ceramics, planters, beauty products, incense, hand carved wood, and more! You may also find something for your adventures such as reef safe sunscreen!

Belle Surf Cafe

We should definitely be at the top of your to do list! With our delicious organic espresso, and healthy diet friendly menu, you will happy you found this spot. Belle Surf is a great cafe to grab a coffee, and enjoy the atmosphere. With many comfy chairs to sit on, this cozy, modern boho vibe will suck you in, and make you want to stay. Looking for gifts?! Our little shop has all sorts of things from bags of our custom coffee and Belle Surf retail, to local artists crafts!

Main Street, Wailuku

Wailuku is a small city located just West of Kahului, near Iao Valley. Main Street, Wailuku is the new happening zone. With cafes, bars and clothing stores, you will easily be able to spend a morning or afternoon in the area.

C.U.T. Market 

This preloved clothing boutique located in the heart of Wailuku is a must! Being on a small island, sometimes everyone will shop at the same places. That’s why thrift stores are so fun. Then you can score something that no one else has. Every time I visit here, I leave with way too many items! They will accept your clothes for consignment depending on the season and quality. The prices are fair, and you can find pretty much anything you need here!

SixtyTwo MarcKet

SixtyTwo MarcKet features innovative, farm-fresh cuisine in a crisp, tasteful, farmhouse atmosphere. The cuisine is not limited to any type of cuisine. Chefs use a combination of cooking techniques and flavor profiles to bring the best of the season. The menu, which rotates seasonally (every 62 days), is frequently complemented by specials drawing inspiration from what’s in harvest at that moment the very same day.

SixtyTwo MarcKet goes beyond a kitchen; it is a market, featuring housemade items and local farmer products too. Chefs crafted a selection of spices, rubs, and sauces using locally-grown vegetables and herbs. The goal is to make the most of the local products, so everyone can enjoy the best of every preparation of the herbs and spices, whether they experience them in a dish, get them as gifts, or take them to savor at home.

Wai Bar

Looking for a local spot to have a drink? We recommend Wai Bar in Wailuku! Open Monday-Saturday 4-11pm. Local artists and DJ’s come to perform here which brings a fun atmosphere! Check out their schedule on instagram to see more details.

Baldwin Avenue, Makawao

Makawao is a historic town located in Upcountry, Maui. It is known for its plantation roots and thriving arts community. Almost all of the shops in Makawao are located on one street: Baldwin Avenue. A few shops are located on Makawao Avenue, which intersects with Baldwin Avenue. There are restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and more! All of the stores here have outstanding ratings. This is why Makawao had to be on the list of 3 authentic streets to visit in Maui

Driftwood Maui

Driftwood is a lifestyle boutique in Makawao. They feature carefully curated merchandise for the distinguished buyer, encompassing all that a Maui lifestyle has to offer from the mountains, to the sea. They feature women’s clothing and accessories, all-natural beauty products, and home goods.  This boutique is committed to sourcing original, high quality goods. Their goal is to create a unique style and offer a refreshing take on design and fashion. Not only do they have locally-designed and produced brands of Hawai’i, but also other finds from around the globe.

Komoda Store and Bakery

This bakery is known for its special bakery items : cream puffs, stick donuts, long Johns, and guava malasadas. Each one of these is amazing and delicious! Komoda also has amazing  pies, cakes, cocoa puffs, butter rolls, breads, cookies, and more! This place is so popular, however, that they sell out of many items early in the day.

Open at 7 AM (it’s best to get there by 10 AM or earlier to have the best selection)

Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Holoholo Surf 

This is a Hawaiian style surf shop located in the heart of Makawao town. They specialize in modern muumuu and aloha wear designed in house along side locally made accessories and surf craft.  Their goal is to greet customers with aloha and offer products that embody the spirit of our island surf culture.

Open Monday-Saturday 10-4

Closed Sundays

We hope you love these 3 authentic streets to visit in Maui as much as we do! There is so much that this beautiful little island has to offer, and sometimes you have to look deeper than what is on the typical agenda. These spots will be very fun to visit, especially if you are wanting to have a more unique experience.


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If you are wondering where to practice yoga in Maui Hawaii, we have the best places and instructors right here for you! Whether you have been practicing yoga all your life, or just starting out…these classes accept any level. Our favorite instructors have extensive knowledge, many years of practice, and a deep love for yoga. You will be wanting to practice every single day. Best thing, is after yoga you can treat yourself to a nice coffee or breakfast at Belle Surf!

In House Retreats Maui

Victoria Chadsey is a hospitality, activity and fitness guru who lives for the Ocean everyday. She has lived her life constantly searching for aquatic adventures and thrives on her daily yoga practice. She earned a degree from Florida Gulf Coast University where she studied Resort and Hospitality management, focusing on Recreational event planning.

Victoria has achieved several fitness certifications, including her RYT200 Yoga certification, SUP Yoga Certification, Aerial yoga certification, L1 Paddle instructor certification,Group X and personal training certifications. 

Paddle boarding, surfing, diving, and embracing all that mother nature has to offer is the life that she is all about! The best part of Victoria’s classes is that they take place outdoors, in front of the ocean. If you happen to be staying at one of these hotel’s that offers her classes, we definitely recommend signing up! If you are local or coming from outside the resort, drop-in is only $10! 


Where to practice with In-House Retreats

Monday’s – Napili Surf Beach Resort (on Napili Bay)

Tuesday’s – Maui Kaanapali Villas (Near Airport Beach)

Wednesday’s – Napili Surf Beach Resort

Thursday’s – Maui Kaanapali Villas

Friday’s – Maui Kaanapali Villas

Sunday’s – Honokeana Cove (Napili)

10ya Yoga

Tenya is a leading Yoga teacher on Maui and founder of 10ya Yoga, LLC. For the past twenty years, she has been teaching yoga classes, workshops, and retreats all over the world including ten years in London, England.

Her yoga journey began at a very young age when she started dancing and performing. In 1988, she progressed into teaching dance and movement classes. She incorporates her vast experience and knowledge as a past dancer, choreographer, performer, and fitness teacher.  Tenya then fell in love with the practice of yoga and found her true calling to teach.

In 1999, she originally trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and since 2001 has had extensive training with Shiva Rea. Her earlier training in Ashtanga Yoga includes David Swenson, John Scott, and Liz Lark, which are some of her most influential teachers.

She has infused her passion for music and dance, developing a very unique style of fluid, dynamic, and graceful Vinyasa Flow yoga. She uses sequences using a krama  (layering from gentle to strong) system. Tenya also uses a mindful flow of postures, linking asanas with pranayama, while incorporating gentle, relaxing, and restorative techniques. In addition to her Vinyasa and Gentle classes, she also teaches an All levels SUP + Yoga out on our west Maui waters.

She is an E-RYT 500 Advanced Teacher Trainer with Yoga Alliance and a YACEP Provider. In addition, she holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts, Boston in Theater, Dance, and Fitness.

You can access Tenya’s classes online, or in person here on Maui.


10ya Yoga Schedule 

Sunrise yoga (online) 

Monday & Friday mornings 8am

Wednesday mornings 9am

Sunday Funday yoga (online)

Sunday mornings 9am

Private classes 

Tenya provides private online classes by appointment only. Contact her for details and scheduling.

Mangala Yoga

Mangala Yoga has two studios on Maui, one in Makawao and one in Haiku. Both offer everything from heated Vinyasa classes to slow, candlelight flows. Stop in for a session, sign up for a workshop, or even sign up long term if you will be here for a while, or a resident of Maui! Mangala even offers yoga teacher training in Hawaii and on the mainland.

Mangala Yoga Founder Maureen Gildersleeve is an E-RYT 500 yoga instructor (trained by Janet Stone), 200 and 300-hour Yoga Alliance Accredited yoga teacher trainer, health and wellness program facilitator, and space holder for thousands of yoga practitioners.

Although your resort or place of stay may have some amazing yoga classes, we always like to get out and try new instructors and locations. Maui is incredibly beautiful, and there’s nothing like incorporating a nice flow to your day. Now that you know where to practice yoga in Maui Hawaii, you can choose!  Meditation and moving your body will feel great, before or after dipping in the warm water!


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Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be hard… especially a coffee lover! You don’t want to accidentally gift someone a different version of a coffee maker that they already own, and would probably like to find something they will use more than once! Unsurprisingly, many coffee lovers are very particular about every detail of their morning (or all hours of the day) beverage. We curated a special list of gift ideas for coffee lovers to give you some fun and new options to choose from.

Breville Barista Espresso Machine

If you are looking for a real at-home espresso maker, the Breville Barista has won best espresso machine two years running. Its quality construction, easy operation, and, the full-flavored shots of espresso it produces is what makes it so special. It also froths milk into velvety foam for lattes and cappuccinos. It’s definitely a major investment. If you’re looking for a group gift or a very big I love you as much as you love coffeestatement, this is the gift for you. Check out our article on an at-home espresso setup guide to help you learn more!

Coffee from Belle Surf Cafe

Coffee is a must have for coffee lovers! If you are looking for a small gift, or some goodies to top something off… coffee is always right! The Belle Surf Cafe coffee beans are a South American and African blend that is custom made for us! The specific countries rotate based on seasonal availability. It’s a medium roast espresso with notes of chocolate and caramel. You can purchase in store or here online!

Another fun option is a coffee subscription from Trade Coffee. They offer the best coffee guided by your taste preferences and brew method, shipped directly to your door! You are supporting local, and supporting farmers. Not to mention the coffee is at its peak freshness!

Insulated Stainless Steel Mug

The Camelbak insulated stainless steel mug is one of our favorites! Keep your coffee hot or cold for a longer period of time with the insulation. This mug is strong and durable to take camping, or just use daily. It comes in a variety of fun colors. In efforts to be more eco-friendly, it is a great idea to bring your reusable coffee mug to get your to go order.

Belle Surf Cafe sells our very own signature mug. We also feature beautiful handcrafted mugs in our shop from different small businesses. Support local & shop small!

Gift Card

A gift card to your local coffee shop is always fun! Find out where your friend or family member loves to go…. and treat them! This way, they can either get coffee or food, or purchase some nice accessories from the shop.

Manual Coffee Grinder

Let’s assume the person you’re shopping for owns more than one type of coffee maker and grinds their beans on a daily basis so they don’t get stale. Did you know that coffee tastes better when it takes a bit of manual labor to prepare? If that doesn’t make sense, a handheld grinder is incredibly useful to have if you live in a place where the power regularly goes out or you like to have great coffee with you wherever you travel. The exceptional grounds, the arm workout, and the compact size that come with this Kona coffee grinder make it an excellent gift.

Stainless Steel French Press

A good French press should definitely be on any list of gift ideas for coffee lovers. With a strong, clean look, this sturdy French Press has a two-screen system to keep the brew grit-free. This is a common complaint of coffee made in a French press. The double-wall construction is also great for keeping the contents hot for a long time.

These gift ideas for coffee lovers are just a few amongst a mountain of options! Sometimes ordering gifts online are great, but don’t forget to stop in to your local coffee shop. It might help spark some more ideas!

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