Packing Your Bags for Maui

December 29, 2020 7

Are you getting ready for a trip to the island of Maui?! Well, you do not want to forget anything important! From my broad traveling experience, as well as time spent living on Maui, I have some helpful tips, tricks and reminders to guide you in preparation and packing your bags for your dream trip to the Valley Isle. See you soon!

For your suitcase, here is a short list of the main items you will need in order to be comfortable in the warm, wet, tropical weather!



Warm weather clothes are a must.

  • Aloha shirts, tanks, lightweight t-shirts, and linen.
  • Skirts and dresses are wonderful for the ladies!

Depending on the part of the island, sometimes there are vast climate differences. Add a rain jacket to the list as we get light tropical showers in the mornings. If you are planning on visiting Haleakala National Park, it is at a chilling elevation of 10,000 feet. You will want pants, shoes and a jacket with layers as it is freezing up there!

A light weight sweater is a plus for morning boat rides, or cooler evenings out.


A couple of bathing suits or board shorts are perfect. If you are a beach lover, you will live in these! A little cover up or sarong is always nice to have on hand. If you are one to get sunburned easily, do not forget a hat and rash guard. These will help quite a bit for those long days in the hot sun!


I tend to travel to tropical destinations with two types of shoes. One pair of sandals and one pair of shoes. Living in Hawaii, I found this is all that I need! A cute pair of sandals for walking around, going to the beach, or out to dinner. And a pair of shoes for workouts, running or hiking!

Packing your Bags


Hawaii has a new regulation for reef-safe sunscreen. The two main chemicals to avoid in your sunscreen are Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. You can find reef-safe sunscreen products in the stores on the island. This will save you space in your suitcase.
We sell a local and handmade sunscreen by Lahaina Organics in Belle Surf Cafe! Stop by to grab one when you arrive.

Thank you for helping to protect our reefs and animals!

In our next post, we will go into the depths of reef safe sunscreen and the risks that harmful sunscreens pose on our
environment and bodies.

Packing your Bags


  • Day bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Hydro Flask water bottle ( this vacuum insulated waterbottle keeps your water cold for long periods of time. Even if
    you do not drink icy cold water, it will also keep the sun from heating your water too hot!

These items can help make your trip easier, comfortable, and take home memories with some beautiful photos!
Wondering what to bring onto the plane?! Well, it does differ depending if you are checking a bag, or just doing carry on!

For your carry on items, you are limited with a few special regulations.


You are limited to a quart size bag of liquids/creams, etc. in your carry on bag. Each item can be no more than 3.4 oz. per container. If you would like to bring anything bigger, it is best to Pit this into your checked bag, so it does not get confiscated.

Personal Items

Passport or Driver’s license, phone and wallet (credit cards, cash, insurance cards).
If you have any prescription medications, you definitely want to pack these in their original containers that have your name on it. I would recommend bringing these onto the plane.

Last but not least…. surfboards!

Are you a surfer traveling to Maui?! You might want to pack your favorite board or two, and bring them for the winter
swell! Make sure to check your airline for the rules or restrictions regarding board bags. Each airline has a different
fee, weight and measurement requirement.

If you would like to save some time and hassle of traveling with your boards, there are many surf shops here on the island where you can rent one. Our neighbor Outrageous Surf School has any type of board, for a great price! If you do not know how to surf, and are looking for a lesson, you can also find surf lessons here.

Now that you have more information on what to pack, it is time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the island!


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