Most Unique Airbnb and places to stay on Maui

August 12, 2021 1

Do you like to travel differently? Not interested in condos, resorts or renting a beach house? We have got you covered!                        For adventurers, and people who are looking to live a unique experience, we curated a list of the most unique airbnb and places to stay on Maui.

It is tempting to choose the safe, easy and comfortable option of booking a resort or renting a beach condo, but where is the fun in that?! Make your holiday on Maui much more memorable by sleeping in a dome under the stars, staring at the Milky Way or inside a villa entirely made out of bamboo!

Here is a selection of our favorite and most unique places to stay on Maui. This may not be ideal for your entire trip, but we definitely recommend booking a night or two in one of these locations!

1. Kula Star Dome

Hawaii, and mainly Maui is famous for star gazing. Far away from city lights and pollution, our island is one of the best places in the world to observe the constellations.

You will gain some altitude and get above the clouds in Kula.   This will certainly help you observe the brightest stars you have ever seen.

This lovely and affordable loft has a rooftop. On this rooftop you will find a dome-a transparent giant bubble with a bed inside!

Ideal for amateur astronomers, big romantics and whoever is looking for a unique experience!


2. Cliff House

Perched directly upon the edge of a three hundred foot cliff, this place is incredible!

Not only will you get the best views of the entire north shore coast all the way to Hana, but you will enjoy them while sitting in a hot tub surrounded by lush jungle.

This private luxury residence is full of charm, including a spa and a pool surrounded by plants and trees.

Ideal for someone looking for peace, and quiet. Children and more adventurous members of the family will love exploring the nearby hikes and waterfalls.

Image: Airbnb

3. Suite Vans Maui

Did the Cliff House sound too boring to you? Do you need to see EVERYTHING that Maui has to offer? Then this Camper Van is definitely for you!

We already talked about van life in Maui in one of our previous blogs. With some tips and location recommendations.

But again, if you are looking to live the full island adventure, wake-up with a different viewpoint every morning, and enjoy sunset from a different spot each evening, this is the right accommodation for you!

Remember… you will save on a vehicle rental!

With this Suite Van, you can do it all. Spend the night star gazing, or sleep on the edge of a cliff!

4. Bamboo Temple

This accommodation is for architecture enthusiasts, and tree house lovers… or simply anyone who loves tropical homes!

Mostly made out of Bamboo coming from the local bamboo forests, this rental is definitely unique.

Observe the ingenious bamboo craftsmanship or feel like a child in a cabana.

It is not literally a tree house. But the elevation of the house and the fact that it is surrounded by tress definitely makes you feel like you are suspended in a tree.

The very “Zen” like vibe is ideal for a romantic gateway.

Image: Airbnb

Well, now it’s time to start packing your bags for Maui! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or check out our other blogs for tips and tricks on traveling here. We hope you enjoyed reading about the most unique Airbnb and places to stay on Maui. Maybe you will get lucky enough to stay in one, or better yet, all of these places!

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