Is Maui a good place to learn Surfing?

January 18, 2021 6

I have taught and coached surf all around the world (France, Spain, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Costa Rica, California and more.) My question to the question “Is Maui a good place to learn Surfing?” I definitely a Yes!

Here are 7 reasons why Maui is one of the best place ever to learn how to surf:

1-Surf all year round

synchro duck dive under water surf

It is never flat here! The greatest advantage of being on an Island is that we catch swells coming from every direction. North, West, South and East.

There is nothing more frustrating then going on a surf trip and having to deal with an ocean as flat as a lake. This will never happen here!

Lahaina Town (where we are located) is famous for having the most consistent breaks of Maui. The North swells hit here during the winter while the South swells hit during the summer.

There is no need to worry about the forecast anymore, you will find waves on the island.

2-Small waves

Okay, if you google “Surf Maui” or “Waves Maui”,  you probably will find photos of giants waves like Peahi A.K.A “Jaws” or the beautiful barrels of Honolua Bay.

Do not let google image fool you. When the surf is big there is always parts of the coast that are protected from the big swells where you can find tiny friendly waves.

Most of the time the surf is waist high around Lahaina, which is the ideal size to learn surfing.

3-Good learning waves

Not only the size is ideal, but the way the waves break here is perfect.

Some waves can be too short, barely giving you time to stand up before you end up on the beach. Some can be too steep, making the nose of your board dive on every try. Lastly, some waves can be dangerous breaking too close to rocks or with very strong currents.

In Lahaina town Maui,  the wave are soft and mellow, easy to catch and avoid nosediving. The waves here are long, so once you stand up you have time to enjoy the ride and practice your turns! Most of the waves are safe, no strong currents or sketchy rocks to deal with.

4-Warm water

smile surfer paddle out soft top

Maybe you have tried surfing in California or another part of the U.S and hated it? Just putting a thick full body wetsuit in a cold parking lot already drained all your energy. Not to mention, now you have to paddle out with this suit that makes every movement twice as hard?

Or perhaps you have experienced feeling like Mr Michelin because this same suits does not fit you perfect and your body is now composed of 250% of water instead of the usual 60%!

You probably finished off your session frozen to the bone, not feeling your hands and feet, unable to warm up for hours until you finally have access to a hot shower and fresh cloth?

Well, do not let this experience discourage you! Learning surfing in Maui is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 ! Take your shirt off, put some reef safe sunscreen on and you are ready to go.

5-Lots of great Surf schools

Surfing is not just a sport or an activity, in Hawaii it is a lifestyle and a part of our culture.

Because of this, everyone opens up surf schools! It is a dream job to spend the day in the water surfing and sharing your passion.

With the amount of surf schools on the island, finding availability for a surf lesson will never be an issue.

We definitely recommend our friends “Outrageous Surfschool” and “Keep It simple Surf school” for a unforgettable experience surfing in the Lahaina area.

6-It’s a one time opportunity!

I mean, you are in Hawaii! This is where surfing was born centuries ago. Like I said, it’s part of the culture, and everyone does it.

Make the best of your trip and go back home with no regrets. Otherwise, you will have to come back! (You probably will anyways 🙂 )

7-Small crowds

No, you will not be alone out there, and you will need to learn to share the space with other surfers. Compare this to other places like Waikiki, Oahu. The surf spots on Maui have very small crowds.
You will catch plenty of waves without risking hitting someone or getting hit by someone!

Pre surf breakfast avocado toast


In short, to answer the question, is Maui a good place to learn surfing? No, it’s not a “good place”, it is the perfect place! Come over learn to surf, you will not regret it.

Also, please do not forget about us! Remember, we are the closest Cafe from the Surf-breaks in Lahaina.  We would be happy to recommend what you might want to eat before or after surfing.


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